Nevado Mission urges to denounce the sale of pets intended for sacrifices

Black cats are sought after for sacrifices and rituals

Although the entertainment industry has sold us for years that Hallowen is a fun and very picturesque party, in which adults and children dress up to celebrate the so-called night of the witches and the dead, a party that does not correspond to our traditions, but rather it has been copied from foreign models.

The not so visible, much less colorful reality of this celebration is that while some celebrate, others are sacrificed in rituals and initiations of a “religious” nature with the excuse of so-called Witches' Day.

Mision Nevado, through its president, Maigualida Vargas, urged the community to denounce the sale of domestic animals intended for sacrifices.

Vargas issued an alert call to protectionists and animal lovers to denounce any suspicion of illegal sale of domestic animals in markets or shops near his community. "For this they can request support from the security forces, the Prosecutor's Office, the Municipal Management Units or any other entity that has competence in complaints in animal matters," he explained.

Regarding the subject, the animal leader shared a case in which the Nevado Mission team, together with the competent authorities, managed to rescue some black kittens that were being sold in the Quinta Crespo market, specifically in places where they sell chickens, goats. , pigeons and other animals used in Santeria rituals.

"We are still attentive and monitoring this market, because a significant number of community cats live in its surroundings, which are cared for and protected by the same merchants," he said.

Vampi is a community kitten who was born without her back leg, but she is loved, loved and respected by its community
and respected by its community

In Venezuela, stipulated by the Constitution, one enjoys freedom of worship. However, this is not an excuse for people who sympathize with certain religious practices that incorporate rites, such as the santeros or paleros, to participate in the kidnapping and murder of animals to enhance their "faith" based on blood rituals, in the one that the main injured is an innocent.

Therefore, October is for animal owners, the month when kittens and puppies of black or white colors are not put up for adoption, since according to reports, they are more vulnerable to being euthanized in these practices.  

The black Rodnito was abandoned by his owner and left on the street, but his new human parents, Chachi and Harry adopted him and they take care of it and they love it a lot
and they take care of it and they love a lot

“There is a worldwide debate on Freedom of Religion and respect for life in all its forms. From Misión Nevado we maintain that certain cults should transform part of their practices, even more so if it is about respecting life in all its forms. This is what we call evolution and adaptation to new realities, where respect, awareness and sensitivity towards our younger siblings are sought ”, explained the president of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas, in conversations with Últimas Noticias.

With a view to a Law consistent with the right to life and responsible tenure

With the aim of creating an inclusive and harmonious society for our animal community, Venezuela prepares an Animal Protection Law with a vision in which the welfare of our furry animals is prioritized and that old anthropocentric model that has led us to be the exploiter is dispelled. and destroyer of the environment and its entire ecosystem.

In this regard, the president of Misión Nevado, reported that continuous meetings are being held with the legislators of the National Assembly, "We are holding meetings in which all the issues that will lead us to the enactment of this Animal Protection Law are being debated," she explained.

Among these advances, it is expected that the decree of the new Animal Protection Ordinance of the Libertador municipality of Caracas will soon become a fact.

“The public discussion of these regulations, held in later days, was very nourished with very important proposals. One of the most outstanding decisions was the need to recognize our animals as sentient beings and subjects with special rights. This point is closely linked to stipulating duties to its holders, to achieve a fairer, more humane and more animalistic society ”, concluded Vargas.