Nevado Mission encourages criminal sanctions to be included in new protectionist law

Every day the actions that build the path towards the creation of a Law that penalize animal abuse in Venezuela are more tangible and accurate. However, the participation of the majority is essential, not only of those who sympathize with animal causes, but of all social actors who are moved and are against injustice, cruelty and the exploitation of the most vulnerable, be the voice of those who have not.

A few months after forging a new parliament with votes, it is imperative that the citizens themselves predict - based on their criteria - a legal instrument that makes visible and enforces the rights of that pet that awaits them at home, or of he who unfortunately lives in the hardships of the street, without a roof or rights, exposed to all kinds of abuse.

With this sentiment, Misión Nevado urges the population to participate and translate their proposals in relation to the laws and regulations that should govern in matters of animal protection, especially against mistreatment and animal cruelty.

«I invite you to express your ideas through the portal to gather all the ideas, opinions and experiences that support the new legal framework that will protect wildlife, domestic and captive. "You just have to register and write your proposal in defense of those who have no voice," said the president of the Nevado Mission, Maigualida Vargas.

Regarding this query, Vargas, commented to Últimas Noticias participating is very simple «all they need is to enter the link through a smartphone or computer, they are asked for a contact number and a confirmation message will arrive. Later they will be able to place their proposals and ideas that they have for this new law.

Regarding the new instrument, Vargas highlighted “the need for this new regulation to be included in the legislative agenda of the next National Assembly. It is urgent to promote the debate for a new Law that prioritizes the recognition of animal rights and the criminalization of animal abuse with strong sanctions.

For the president of Misión Nevado, this tool could be the basis for the construction of a peaceful society, because on the one hand it will work on raising awareness of respect for life in all its forms, but on the other, it could be punished in a way forceful to abusers through penal sanctions.

Action against abuse and cruelty

In recent times, the work promoted by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic against those unscrupulous people who have shown their sense of sensitivity and respect towards the various forms of life has become notorious, criminalizing in a notorious way, any act of cruelty that threatens the life of any living being.

In addition to making a crusade against the harm to animals and imputing those responsible for mistreatment and cruelty, the Public Ministry formally requested the reform of the Law for the Protection of Free and Captive Domestic Fauna, "as deemed necessary, the the drafting of a new one, which stipulates more severe penalties for the protection of domestic, free and captive fauna, as well as the environment ", as explained by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab.

The creation of a National Prosecutor's Office specialized in domestic and wild fauna was also carried out, which will have the competence to deal with cases of aggression against Venezuelan fauna and vegetation to protect them from attacks and attacks carried out by some individuals.

"During the quarantine months, attacks against Venezuelan flora and fauna increased, by individuals who attack not only domestic animals but also destroy Venezuelan vegetation, for which they should be punished," said the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, at a press conference.

Obsolete standard

As legal instruments on animal rights, Venezuela only has the Law for the Protection of Free and Captive Domestic Fauna, composed of 73 articles and promulgated in 2010. In addition to different municipal ordinances on Responsible Ownership of Fauna.

However, protectionist organizations conclude that the articles proposed in these instruments are nothing more than "dead letters" both due to their ignorance and lack of application. "The law was too small in terms of the penalties that should be applied to a case of animal abuse or the hunting and sale of exotic fauna," says protectionist Carmen Luz.

In contrast, the Law proposes subtle sanctions such as paying one or other tax units, or doing some kind of community service, ignoring that a person who abuses, exploits or murders an animal is a potential danger, a potential murderer for society in general, according to studies.

Therefore, it is the call for the participation of society in the consultation, to forge a new and deserved Law that is at the height of protecting the diversity of all the Venezuelan Fauna and Flora.

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