Merideños celebrate the Kika bear baby shower

Among the animals that make life in Chorros de Milla Park, located in the city of Mérida, is the Frontinian bear called Kika, who recently enjoyed a baby shower at six months of gestation.

Those who visited the place during the last week of relaxation brought some food or fruit to cancel the entrance, as part of the activity Move through the Chorros de Milla park, which promotes the collection of food and other necessary inputs for the park's animals, the future mother bear and her cubs.

Granola, carrots, hay, fruits, vitamins, oatmeal, towels, bottles, jam and medical supplies were part of the gifts that mother bear received at her reception, held on March 21.

On October 17, it was learned that seven-year-old Kika is waiting for two cubs.

The president of the Merida Tourism Corporation (Cormetur), Luis Millán, explained that these new cubs, which will come in captivity in Merida, have been able to exist thanks to the breeding program carried out by the Merida zoo.

So far, Kika has not had problems with her pregnancy, thanks to the care she is given in the park.

Millán made a call to those who want to sponsor, be they individuals or companies, any of the animals or collaborate. They can do it through social networks or go to the Cormetur headquarters, on Andrés Bello avenue, in Mérida, or directly to the Chorros de Milla zoo.

The frontin bear is the only species of this type of mammal that exists in South America, reports the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. It points out that it lives mainly in humid and cloudy montane forests such as the Andean slopes of Venezuela.