Veterinarians celebrate their day by saving lives

They recognize the work of doctors who prioritize life over any economic interest

This Wednesday, the Nevado radio program was dedicated to enhancing the work of Veterinarians and Veterinarians in the country, on the occasion of celebrating the Day of the Veterinary Doctor, a date that was established during the I Grancolombiano Congress of Veterinary Doctors, an activity that took place during the July 21-28, 1946, at the facilities of the Andrés Bello Lyceum in Caracas, Venezuela

In this sense, the host of the program and president of the Nevado Mission, Maigualida Vargas took the opportunity to invite the veterinarian Jorge Luis Tartaret, who stressed the mystique that must accompany all men and women who exercise this work, especially in these times in which commercialism is often prioritized over health and life.

“You have to have a vocation to help the most disadvantaged. Even more so in this crisis situation in which we find ourselves, where we must very well manage the few resources we have to be able to care for all the animals that we can, "explained Dr. Tartare, alluding to the blockade and economic war that has also affected notably the sanitary supplies of the furry ones in the house.

On the other hand, he called on his colleagues to maintain a sense of sensitivity and empathy with these beings who have no voice. “Today is the days of the doctors who with little we do a lot. I invite all colleagues who want to work with us in the Nevado Mission, the time they have available and thus collaborate with this important cause, "he said.

Similarly, the doctor exhorted young people who have an animal vocation to train in this beautiful career to expand the possibilities of medical care for companion, farm and wild animals. "Multispecies families are gaining strength in our country, so that our pets, like any other member, have the right to full and quality health," he said.

Under the same theme of giving priority to training in animal matters. Dr. Tartaret took the opportunity to invite an animal rescue workshop that he will be giving this Thursday, July 22, starting at 5:00 pm via Zoom.

"In the workshop we will learn about the main protocols to rescue our companion animals in case of emergency or catastrophes," he said.

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The training activity will be held this Thursday, July 22, starting at 5:00 pm via Zoom.