Pets will need to readjust to being alone

Pets have joined their owners' work from home

The covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the routines of people in the last 12 months, as well as that of domestic animals, since the time with their owners at home increased to totality, which will produce a process of confusion and I leave when everything is back to normal.

This was stated by the veterinarian Eduardo Rondón, from the Rondón veterinary clinic, located in Santiago de Surco, Peru. He explained that “the time at home should have been ideal to spend more time with them, play and share more in company. Now, it is inevitable that this change can have an impact ”.

He stated that the process will be different when the confinement ends. "If we are going to go out, we cannot leave them alone, we would have to leave a relative at home for a few days until they get used to it," the doctor recommended.

Likewise, José Díaz, a Peruvian veterinarian specializing in ethology at the Javier Prado Veterinary Clinic, explained that, especially in adult dogs and puppies, reactions work differently.

He added that adult dogs and cats have ease of adaptation and will be able to return to normal when the quarantine ends, but in the case of puppies, adaptation must be carried out gradually so as not to cause emotional damage with a sudden absence.