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Animal abuse on the bench: fault or crime

"Cruelty to animals teaches cruelty to humans" Ovid

  • On June 24, Marys Naitee Rincones (43) and her daughter Amali Brigid Ruiz Rincones (21), were arrested by Cicpc-Barinas for their alleged participation in the castration of a dog, with pliers and scissors, reported a note from Press of the Public Ministry. 
  • On June 24, José Inés Contreras was indicted by the Public Ministry in Bolívar state for the crime of animal death according to article 478 of the Penal Code, after said subject threw his daughter's pet from the 8th floor. «The subject was arrested after killing a 6-month-old canine when he was thrown from an 8th floor in the Unare sector blocks in Puerto Ordaz, Caroní municipality. Neighbors shocked by the event reported to the Citizen Atention Point (PAC) in the area, who immediately appeared and detained the perpetrator of such a heinous act.
  • On June 8, more than 47 birds, among parrots and macaws, were drowned after being thrown into the sea by smugglers, fearing that they would be discovered by the Venezuelan coast guard, the highest patrol body in the Venezuelan territorial sea.
  • On June 12, the citizen José Castillo Ramírez was presented in the Fourth Court of Barinas for the illegal hunting of a jaguar, who on social networks also boasted "his trophy" on June 6. Animal in danger of extinction. 
  • This same month of June 2020 Two deer and a limpet were illegally hunted in the Henry Pittier National Park, in the state of Aragua Wilson Barrios 
  • In Guárico state, on April 20, 2020, the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, reported on the arrest of a man who was charged with the crime of animal abuse in San Juan de los Morros, Guárico state. After slaughtering a dog for killing seven of his chickens. The man identified as 57-year-old Gregoris Ceballo, who when skinning the dog "spread the crime on social networks as an alleged punishment to the animal for eating chickens." The apprehended was placed at the order of the Public Prosecutor 14.
  • The First Court of Control of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of Carabobo issued preventive deprivation of liberty against Víctor Julio Lapadula Rodríguez, who killed a Puma on March 4, 2020 in the San Esteban National Park, Carabobo state, who uploaded a video to the networks showing to the dead animal as a trophy.
  • On the same March 4, the governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, said through his Instagram account: “This irresponsible and inhuman character who killed a Puma in our San Esteban national park is already behind bars and will be prosecuted with the full weight of the law and he will be treated as what he is: A Criminal. We must avoid at all costs that this type of thing continues to happen in our country. We must be relentless when it comes to penalizing these murderers because to savagely kill an animal that is in danger of extinction, as a minimum, the adjective of murderer must be applied.
  • In January 2020, in Zaraza, Guárico state, the puppy Nero was beaten and his attackers recorded it. The video went viral. The dog was rescued by Misión Nevado.
  • In September 2019, Lacava also intervened in the case of the mistreatment of a puppy, also in Puerto Cabello. The little dog that was finally adopted by the governor whom he named Dracu, has become the image of the fight against animal abuse that the official has undertaken. A couple of boys had put this dog in a washing machine and beat him while they made a video of that evil, which went viral on social networks. To the boys, for being minors
  • In September 2019, Carmen Felicia Bruce, 42 years old and Adrián Ramón Betancourt, 41 years old, were detained in Anaco (Anzoátegui), by officials of the Anaco Subdelegation of the Corps of Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC), for killing a Cunaguaro at the El Conejo farm, a crime contemplated in the Environmental Criminal Law and outrage against the official. The woman argued that the animal "ate the chickens in its pen." 
  • Last year we can mention Dracu, the puppy adopted by Governor Lacava, who had been mistreated by three teenagers in Puerto Cabello. That same year, a woman in Anaco, Anzoátegui state killed a cunaguaro because "it ate the chickens"

All these acts of animal abuse occurred this year 2020. The list can be super extensive if we add here all those cases reported by social networks that unfortunately do not have judicial intervention. The networks are full of any atrocity, acts done for fun or in reaction to boredom.

We cannot qualify as a happy ending the fact that all these people have been arrested, because let's say that the evil is already done. They ruthlessly inflicted pain. However, the law must be imposed. The evil of these unscrupulous individuals must have a limit. 

Another aspect that prevents us from saying sotto voce that justice was done is the fact that the Law for the Protection of Free and Captive Domestic Fauna and the Penal Code itself are outdated. The Attorney General himself, Tarek William Saab, has requested its reform to the National Constituent Assembly because the current regulations do not establish criminal actions but only establish misconduct (somewhat minor), so the new regulation must consider animal abuse as a criminal offense .

The networks are full of any atrocities, acts done for fun or in reaction to boredom, which the Attorney General acknowledged this week, Tarek William Saab recognized this week at a press conference, who described these actions as "evil hobbies".

The prosecutor described animal abuses as very dangerous people. If a person is capable of mistreating an animal, she can attack a human being. From there there is a step. Hence lies the urgency and concern about the need to apply justice to these acts of vandalism. 

Numerous studies agree that subjects with a history of animal abuse are five times more likely to commit domestic violence. People capable of committing acts of cruelty towards animals are also capable of directing violence against human beings, particularly towards the most vulnerable, incapable of defending themselves and the most submissive.

It is therefore expected that the ANC will receive numerous protectionist associations that have proposals and ideas for those who have no voice and need ours to protect them. 

Article 66 of the Law for the Protection of Free and Captive Domestic Fauna establishes sanctions for:

  • Those that cause animal pain, suffering or affect their health.
  • Those who neglect the dwelling, the conditions of mobility, hygiene and shelter.
  • Death using a medium that causes prolonged agony.
  • Any organically serious mutilation that is not done out of necessity and under veterinary control

Happy ending?

The arrest of the Tomy attackers, the puppy that two women castrated with scissors and a pliers, comes as a result of complaints made by Misión Nevado. Apparently, the puppy was paired with a dog of the Poodle breed that is owned by those involved in the Marys case and their daughter Amali. The women tried to separate the animals and for this they used a pair of scissors causing Tomy's injury, according to what the Cicpc narrated.

The puppy underwent surgery, but there are always good people. The people of Garritas love Venezuela from Barinas state took on the case. Tommy arrived passed out, dripping a lot of blood. Dr. Régulo Uzcátegui treated him and after a four-hour operation he managed to save the puppy, who is still very sore and fearful after such an atrocious attack. 

Víctor Lapadula filmed a video by killing a Puma in Carabobo.

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