Dogs detect hostile attitude from people

Dogs are animals that observe people a lot, and on many occasions they come to imitate some of the movements or actions of their owners, and they also alert their masters to those around them.

In research published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, it is pointed out that a dog manages to determine the good behavior of a person with the beings that he appreciates and cares for.

The experiment showed that a dog can detect when someone helps its owner and supports him. Likewise, it determines when another does not do it, which is why with these people he takes different attitudes that even become aggressive, due to his emotional intelligence.

The scientists dramatized scenes where the dogs and the owners were in front of scenes with people helping them and others not. The furry only behaved well with the people who did support them and quite the opposite with those who did not.
The specialists determined with this study why dogs tend to get so angry with someone, which often leads them to bite people; however, they tend to be sociable with just about everyone.

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