Lilly saved her family from a gas leak

The cat lives with her human parents Sandy and Martin.

For Sandy and Martín, in the United States, their afternoon passed the same as many, they played with their cat Lilly quietly, but something different caught the attention of the feline that made her go to the fireplace, an unusual behavior for her since she loves to play with their owners in the afternoons.

The sudden change in the cat caught the attention of Sandy, who instinctively followed her pet and noticed that the cat kept sniffing around the fireplace.

Sandy, when she got to Lilly's side, realized that she was very focused on the valve of the fireplace.

When approaching the valve, the human mother noticed the slight smell of gas that emanated, she immediately told her husband Martín to call the gas company.

The technicians arrived shortly after and confirmed to the family that they had a gas leak in their fireplace faucet, which if they had left it, could have been fatal.

The cat Lilly was the heroine of her family when she detected the gas leak, which could have caused an unfortunate accident.
This beloved American kitten lives her life suffering from the feline leukemia virus, which causes a serious depression to her immune system, as well as growth retardation due to this incurable disease.