Species violence in our society

A defenseless community dog ​​that constantly prowled the UD6 sector of the Caricuao parish in Caracas, was murdered in broad daylight, in front of children and adults who observed the incident with outrage, as explained by Maigualida Vargas, President of the Nevado Mission in their accounts on the social network Facebook and instagram.

Vargas commented in his publication that the Corps of Scientific Criminal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) came to the scene of the events, where the support of the Nevado Mission was required for the respective removal of the body of the animal and its subsequent necropsy that would certify the cause of death.

"We moved to the site to do the work, which was a difficult task, because seeing the wounds of the dog and observing the violent attack of a human towards an innocent animal puts a lump in her throat on the verge of crying almost impossible to contain ”, he expressed in the text.

Vargas, emphasized that a good structural work must be built to strengthen the capacities of the Nevado Mission to respond in cases of animal cruelty, adding that "this is done both from national policy and from daily action in each case." , he pointed.

The head of the Nevado Mission recognized the impeccable work carried out by the CICPC officials, who carried out the forensic protocol without underestimating the case because it was an animal.

The subject who killed the dog is in custody and, according to information provided by Vargas, was requested. "We have no doubt that the Public Ministry, headed by our Republic Prosecutor Tarek William Saab, will exercise all actions to criminally punish the abuser," he said.


Regarding the case, the president of the Nevado Mission, reported that the corresponding necropsy was performed on the dog at the facilities of the Nuevo Circo Integral Veterinary Center by the veterinarian and National Coordinator of the Mission, Jorge Tartaret, throwing as result in rupture of the aorta artery.

"I do not want to go into details about the injuries and the forensic result, I can only say that I am overwhelmed by the aggressiveness in action and the term 'Specist Violence' comes to mind.

Vargas explained that the term Specist Violence, coined by Romina Kachanoski, a social psychologist who is an expert in speciesism, gives a modern connotation to the concept of animal abuse, since it transcends an expression that sounds only linked to animals to incorporate the true problem of background that is anthropocentric speciesism as a form of discrimination based on belonging to a species, considering it inferior (this being the disease) and speciesist violence as the cruelty of humans on animals (this being the symptom) and is a social violence like any other already known today: racist, sexist, homophobic violence, etc.

“All this reference has to do with the fact that I would not like to do only a part about the case, but also a reflection on how violence, and especially violence against animals, is a phenomenon that needs to be approached under the understanding that it does not it is isolated in nature, but rather affects our family (and pets are part of it), society and the country, ”Vargas highlighted in the text.

Likewise, the official highlighted the Mission's commitment in coordination with all instances, either for the forensic veterinary medicine service, any other action that is required to continue fighting animal abuse / speciesist violence and thus contribute to overcoming of any kind of violence in society.