Animal vaccination is not a priority

It is not known how severe the symptoms presented in animals are

The arrival of the new strain of the coronavirus alerted the world from the beginning, wondering if animals could also be infected, although in the first instance the specialists assured that no, the passage of months and scientific studies confirmed that pets could be victims of the Sars-CoV-2.

Currently, the creation of the vaccine against this virus raised a question regarding the relevance of also vaccinating the furry. However, specialists agree that there is no urgent need, at the moment, to develop a vaccine for pets; They assert that, on the one hand, it is not known exactly how many dogs, cats and other animals have been infected with the virus, and they do not know whether the symptoms they have presented or identified in the animals are serious or mild.

"Cats and dogs do not play an important role in the maintenance or transmission of the disease to humans," said the scientific journal Science William Karesh, who in turn stated that a vaccine for animals is not a necessity at this time. of the pandemic.

In this sense, the magazine Joelle Hayden reported that there are reasons that must be taken into account, since the United States Department of Agriculture, which grants commercial licenses for pet vaccines, is not currently approving any vaccine for the covid-19 virus. . "Without a license, they cannot sell or distribute them," he described in his article.

Meanwhile, specialists stressed that the spread of the coronavirus can infect various animals such as squirrels, sheep, sperm whales.

For his part, Ecohealth Vice President of Science, Jonathan Epstein, recalls that respiratory viruses in the past have also infected the family of apes, which can be devastating and could be considered a red alert for those animals that are in danger of extinction in Africa and Asia.