The dog Miranda left a void in the search and rescue area

Miranda with her owner and her coach.

One day, a neighbor approached the Carrizal Civil Protection headquarters urgently requesting that they rescue a dog that was in conditions of neglect and severe malnutrition. Officials approached the scene and found a one-year-old golden retriever whom they named Miranda.

"Miranda arrived at the right time, since the K-SAR Operations Specialist Technician course was being coordinated at that time, so I assumed the responsibility of protecting her and preparing her for the course," said her caregiver Yidekhell Machado.

His recovery took several months and was the motivation to start a project and promote the search and rescue area in rescue operations. "The Miranda Firefighters had already consolidated that area," said the official of the preventive entity.

Thanks to the alliances with the entity's fire department, several work tables were developed with Firefighters Lieutenant Luis Castillo, for training and carrying out support work in the educational and community programs carried out by Civil Protection.

"With the support of Lieutenant Castillo and his already experienced dog Orión, the accompaniment and training were exceptional," he said.

Miranda, along with other dogs that were in search and rescue training, took the course at Vinicio Adames park, which lasted three months, being certified at the advanced level of obedience.

"The obedience practices consisted of walking alongside without a leash or with distractions, looking for and bringing objects, walking backwards, sitting, among others," said its owner.

In the morning hours of Sunday, October 15, 2017, a driver who fled, took the life of this specimen that would be a great dog in the rescue area. Three years after her departure, those who knew them remember her fondly. Fly high in the rainbow of the Miranda dogs.

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