The pandemic revealed cruelty and kindness towards animals

This Wednesday, Nevado en Radio, hosted by the president of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas, was dedicated to sharing three moving stories of animals that were rescued from the streets in very unfavorable health conditions and with the tireless efforts of animalists and committed foundations, allowed to change the reality of these furry.

The most moving case was related by the protectionist Krizia Vidal, a member of the Animal Protection and Welfare Foundation (Fundaproba), who explained that the pandemic revealed the most cruel part of the human being with respect to animals and Manchita is a living example of that feeling.

The protectionist says that last year when everything related to the quarantine by covid-19 began, Manchita, a dog that was living in a business, was kept without food or water because the owner was not in every day of lockdown. “Protectionists had to jump a wall to provide him with food. In addition to her abandonment, the little spot presented a miosis that almost left her blind, ”she recalls.

Vidal adds that this situation of neglect, such as that of a manchita, appeared in many places. “The pandemic situation made many people leave their animals in their businesses, suffering from need and hunger. They also threw their animals into the street ”. Manchita was part of that herd that was about to die of neglect and indifference.

But since there is ignorance and cruelty, there is also love and sensitivity, explains the rescuer, and this last was what allowed Manchita to get around all her precarious past. With the support of the Fundaproba team, which in turn is supported by donations from people who support the noble animal cause. Today it can be said that manchita survived the individuality of the human being in times of pandemic.  

The other two stories arise from the work that Luisa Gil employs on the Island of Margarita. Owner of a small business, Gil has managed to link her two passions, handicrafts and the comprehensive care of animals found on the streets on the island.

From there comes the story of Huesitos, a kitten that comes from a family with more emotional than economic deficiencies. “They never fed her, that's why she was always hungry. It was a kitten that he had to steal in order to survive, ”says Gil.

“Bones was diagnosed with a viral condition that did not allow her to assimilate food. Everything he ingested was expelled through his feces. So his care involved a lot of patience. Resources both for its treatment and to constantly change the litter box. The veterinarians did not give him a lot of life expectancy ”.

Despite all the care of Gil and his allies had the expected effect and Bones is no longer a skinny and weak kitten. "Now she is chubby and assimilates everything she eats," says her protector with satisfaction.

For the animalista "Bone represents hundreds of animals in those sectors with many scarces more than resources, it is conscientious", and that is why the sacrifice and struggle of each protectionist is worth it.

Another of the cases that she marked and was shared by Mrs. Luisa, was the story of Atis. A little dog in a street situation that also suffered from a terrible mange. "If it is difficult for a little street dog to get food while in moderately healthy condition, can you imagine for a little dog with scabies," the animalistas said in a telephone conversation.

With the intact will of who knows that she was born to protect companion animals, Luisa along with a battalion of allies, managed to save Atis, from scabies, a respiratory infection and many other scars that revealed the mistreatment that surely This "eternal child" passed, as his caregiver calls him.

Atis today is part of Luisa Gil's herd. The protectionist confesses that it was love at first sight.

Finally, the activists called for more people to become aware of this cause, which although it involves time and sacrifice, the reward comes in abundance.

If you are interested in this and other pro-animal issues, we invite you to tune in to “Nevado en Radio” every Wednesday on 95.9 Radio Miraflores, and now also on Alba Ciudad 96.3 FM, from 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon


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