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A puppy got stuck in the wall and his rescue went viral

A little dog was immobilized in a small corner and caused a stir on the networks

A puppy walks through the shed where he lives and without realizing it, he got stuck between two walls. At just one month old, the puppy remained motionless and unable to escape from that corner.

Tiktok social media user @alex_jasg documented the “rescue.” In which with a chisel and a hammer, he had to break the wall to give the puppy space and free him.

At just one month old, he stole hearts in the midst of the “unforeseen event of the wall”

This video touched social networks, got a lot of laughs and has reached millions of views and more than 12 thousand comments. You can read the opinion of many, like: “it wasn't his fault, the wall got smaller when he was passing by, okay?” or “Play the audio of I don't know how to behave.”

With the typical tenderness of puppies and tiktoker words like “You're really stuck…Papi”, this puppy needed the help of Paw Patrols, but since they didn't arrive, his owner, with a cloth to protect him from the debris that could fall, managed to finally release it.

The furry mother goes to look for her puppy until he is finally released and they manage to meet again.

In one part of the video, the puppy's mother appears and the followers of the account were concerned about her thinness, but many others explained that the mother's thinness is due to breastfeeding, remember that the puppy is barely a month old. This boy did his good work for the day.


Adventures of a not very smart dog

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