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Luciano, the kitten who found a new home with his tenderness

Those who have interacted with him consider him friendly and quirky.

Luciano is a feline, previously stray, who conquered the hearts of New Yorkers who saw him wandering through Central Park; So much so, that with his charm he managed to be welcomed and settled under a new roof.

Both the residents of the area, as well as the members of the non-profit organization Paws of Hope NYC, moved to help him and give him a second chance, according to the La web portal. Nation.

Currently the little animal is in a preventive home and his caregiver highlighted the ease of the friendly Luciano in adapting to home life. In any case, it was not confirmed if the house in which he is living functions as a transit, that is, it serves as a residence until someone decides to officially adopt him, or if they have already assumed the small feline as part of his family.

Orange and extroverted

This kitten's fur is orange; It varies from light tones to deep oranges and is accompanied by patterns of stripes, spots or swirls. There are variations of different types, such as the classic, the mackerel, the spotted and the ticked.

Likewise, these cats are usually known for their friendly and outgoing personality, being affectionate and sociable.

On the other hand, this little friend has a peculiarity: he is cross-eyed. However, this aspect did not prevent him from adapting and enjoying his new life that he now enjoys thanks to the support of the people who help in the association that rescued him.

La Nacion

Luciano is a perfect example of how rescue efforts can transform the life of a stray animal, providing them with love and a safe home from anywhere in the world.

These types of foundations and organizations advocate for the well-being of animals, not only those on the street, but also those that are in captivity to be forcibly reproduced, La Nación finally reported.

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