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He adopts a senior dog and it turned out to be the dog he lost years ago

Learn the story of this unexpected reunion after 8 years in a shelter

A woman in Pennsylvania, United States. Nicole Renae shared her emotional story about the loss and subsequent reunion of her with her dog, when it seems impossible, the most unusual things can happen.

And when Nicole turned 10, her grandmother gave her a Pomeranian-Poodle crossbreed, it was a gray puppy and Chloe and Nicole immediately became best friends. 

Just 4 years later, Nicole's father got a job and they couldn't have Chloe anymore, due to the possible barking that could occur during the extremely important calls for the girl's father.  

“My dad got a job where we couldn't have a dog, so I had to give her up. It was very difficult,” said Nicole, in an interview she gave for El Dodo. 

Nicole and Chloe immediately became very close. Photo: NICOLE RENAE

Unfortunately, the girl's parents took Chloe to a shelter, when they were only 4 years old together and their hearts were completely broken, one of the most difficult things for both of them. But many times, destinies are closely linked.

Nicole grew up and started her own family, she accidentally saw a post about an “old dog” named Chloe who needed a new home, her heart raced, because it might seem impossible, but doubts attacked her thinking.

Even with her doubts, Nicole, now an adult, with the traces that Chloe left in her heart, wanted to give a little dog the opportunity to have a home and even if that old lady was not her “Chloe”, she had already made the decision. to adopt it.

Nicole and Chloe, together again

Shortly after having her, her hunches grew even more, her hunches turned out to be true, her Chloe was the Chloe of that 10-year-old girl who at 14 had to say goodbye. But this time it would be different, everything under her rules, Chloe will be with her, until the last day of her dog's life. And all the love that she could not give him during 8 years of absence in a shelter, Nicole exchanged for the warmth of a home and that of her friend who now has a complete heart.

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