Hypothyroidism affects pets

Hypothyroidism is not a disease of human beings, on the contrary, multiple hairy ones have been affected by this condition, causing a hormonal imbalance, generally caused by inflammation or contraction of the thyroid gland.

This was explained by veterinarian Laura Castriogiovanni, who assured that “like us humans, our dogs and cats can suffer from hypothyroidism. This happens when the thyroid gland does not work properly ”.

The specialist highlighted the importance of identifying the signs of hypothyroidism from the constant evaluation of pets to preserve their life.

Signs. The veterinarian explained that in the first instance it is important to evaluate the attitude of the furry towards exercise. In addition, he explained that hypothyroidism may exist when the puppy does not tolerate exercise well and although he does not eat much, he is still overweight.

At the fur level, he indicated that “if with the fur what we can see is dull, brittle hair and even areas of the skin that lack hair, we can provide antibiotics, but if the problem persists, it is a characteristic that should be taken into account".

Castriogiovanni insisted that if some of these signs are manifested it is important to go to the vet and request blood tests because "through a study they will be able to determine if your puppy suffers from hypothyroidism."