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Hachi, the intrepid Yorkie who makes you fall in love with her adventurous spirit

The motorized dog was rejected by the kennel because of her mix and was the only one of her litter that managed to survive.

At almost 14 years old, Hachi is an intrepid mestiza who falls in love with that adventurous spirit. The story begins in not very favorable circumstances, when she was cruelly abandoned in a freezer near a Yorkshire puppy mill. But she proved to be stronger than anyone could imagine.

Hachi was the only one of her litter who managed to survive, at just a month old. Her miscegenation led her to be rejected by the breeder, but luckily for her, she found a loving home where she could flourish.

Since then, Hachi has become quite a character, a true motorist, an adventurous lady. Her undisputed passion is the motorcycle, and her favorite human, Anderson (her human dad), is her inseparable companion on her long rides.

According to her human mother, Hachi goes crazy with excitement when she gets on the motorcycle, where she sits comfortably in the tank, wearing her jacket and glasses with pride and a unique naturalness.

But be careful if you approach Anderson when Hachi is around, because that won't be possible, he'll let you know. She is the undisputed queen of the pack, even though she is the smallest in size.

Known affectionately as “the toxic one,” Hachi protects her human with fierce loyalty and she has no size, but she is bold to defend what she considers hers, her favorite human.

Hachi with her ex-police brother and in the other photo, ready for a new motorized adventure

Even his furry brother, a Belgian shepherd retired from the police, submits to his authority, allowing Hachi to bite his whiskers without protest.

Among her canine siblings, Hachi is the líder undisputed, the diva who sets the pace and establishes the rules. But despite her small size, her fearless spirit and her passion for adventure make her an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of knowing her.

With her bravery and unique character, Hachi shows that love and determination can overcome any obstacle, even when it comes to riding a motorcycle at full speed, mounted on the tank, not restrained or loaded, she is “independent.”

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