Gato was saved by a crowd after falling into the void in the middle of a football match

An event that went viral on the networks was the impressive catch that saved the life of a cat during an American football game held at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, United States.

It all happened this weekend in the game between the University of Miami and Appalachian State. A cat hanging from the top of the stadium, above the boxes, drew the attention of all the spectators, as the feline fought for his life in the middle of the American football game.

Gripping with two of its legs, the cat made several maneuvers to return to the rostrum, without success. Luckily, in a matter of seconds, several fans came up with a brilliant decision: they took off a net making themselves a flag so that, in case of descending, the cat could cushion its fall. 

With the flag ready, fans crowded together and waited for the inevitable fall of the pussycat, who trusting in the saying "more lives than a cat", dropped into the void to later be stopped by the crowd, who celebrated the noble gesture with applause and batons. After the descent the cat was able to stand on all fours again and in the stadium a great ovation was heard. His rescuers carried it and showed it to the crowd.

The cat was saved from a fall of about 20 meters, which would have been fatal.

Hard Rock Stadium confirmed on Twitter that fans of sections 107, 110 and 208 were able to keep the cat safe after "a heartbreaking fall."

"We wish the cat the best in the eight lives that remain," the stadium account posted on its social networks.

Additionally, a donation to Humane Society Miami, a pet adoption assurance center, was announced.



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