Animal foundations promote sterilization in Nevado en Radio

The program is broadcast every Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Radio Miraflores 95.9 FM

This Wednesday in the weekly eco-animalist program “Nevado en Radio”, hosted by the president of Misión Nevado Maigualida Vargas, various members of animal foundations were invited to share their experience regarding the awareness, rescue and protection work they carry out for respect for all forms of life.

Sowing Footprints Venezuela educates for a better world

The first guest of the program broadcast by Radio Miraflores, 95.9 FM, was Yasmín Ruíz, who is part of the Sembrando Huellas Venezuela foundation, a space dedicated to promoting educational and awareness campaigns in schools, homes for the elderly, and communities in general.

Accompanied by a committed human team and loving assistance animals, Yasmín Ruíz emphasizes that the transversal axis of the foundation is to educate; "Only through education can the world be transformed into a positive one," he explains.

In this sense, the foundation comprises three areas of action: ”We work in health through therapy with animals, assisting vulnerable sectors, such as the elderly and children. In the education part, through campaigns and workshops we seek to convey the message that we can live harmoniously and gently with the environment and with ourselves. The third and last area of ​​action is the rescue of cats and dogs in street conditions, ”said the protectionist.

He also clarified that the greatest evil to eradicate is the ode to violence. Aware of this, Sembrando Huellas Venezuela promotes campaigns against bullying at all levels. For this, stories are shared of dogs and cats that have been victims of violence and abandonment and that as good resilents have become therapeutic animals.

The protectionists concluded that animals have a purpose that goes beyond accompanying us, in that sense it is essential to change the construct about them and then the relationship we have with them, he indicated.

PIME defends sterilization

Raquel Gómez, founder of the Margarita Independent Protectionists movement, said that her organization was born in 2015 with the main objective of rescuing and sterilizing small animals on the island. low resources".

Gómez explained that a statistic is kept, "from 2015 to 2021 more than 3500 animals have been sterilized in Nueva Esparta, mostly in street conditions," he said.

He added that before a day of sterilization a preliminary study is carried out to evaluate the overpopulation of animals and their conditions. “Once the sessions are done, we go to two or three months and the change in the community is noticeable. That is why sterilization is positive in every way ”, he said.

The animalista explained that the most difficult thing is the education and trust of people regarding the virtues of sterilization. However, taking these actions can change collective beliefs.

Ecologist Movement of Venezuela invites the preservation of life

The last guest of the program was Teresa Carrasquel, a member of the Ecological Movement of Venezuela, who delved into the importance of taking seriously the climate crisis that the planet is experiencing. In this sense, he invited the community to join the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples, to rescue actions that allow us to make a positive change in our environment.

In that sense, “we are called to join together, to engage in three fundamental tasks: climate crisis, construction of a new social paradigm, and the last one is to demand laws based on the conservation and preservation of all forms of life, said Carrasquel.

The young woman explained that the MEV is also committed to enforcing the preservation of the basins and hydrological areas that make up the country. On the subject of world water day to be celebrated this March 22. "This weekend we will be launching the Orinoco brigade in the Amazon state at first, for the protection and conservation of our rivers," he said.

Brigades will also be formed to protect our sea turtles.

Finally, he invited young people and adults to be part of any movement that defends the various forms of life. "Let us fight for the most just, noblest causes and repudiate with actions the model that submits our species, which results in our very extinction," he concluded.