Speculative vets are urged to regain their ethics

"If each veterinary doctor carried out a free sterilization day a week, it would considerably reduce the problem of companion animals in the street," said protectionist Maythe Morales, during program number 39 of "Nevado en Radio", hosted by the President of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas.

Maythe Morales is part of the animal association "Evolución Ve", made up of a multidisciplinary team that fights against animal abuse from different trenches. "In the association there are lawyers, veterinarians, sociologists," he highlights.

This space is responsible for providing a complete and quality veterinary service, without discriminating in breed, economic or social status of the pet owner. For this reason, Morales is in favor of veterinary doctors actively participating in the most vulnerable communities and doing joint, sensitive and humane social work. “That it reminds them of the ethical sense of their profession. Always at the service of animals ”.

This reflection is based on the endless complaints that animal keepers make about the excessive costs of veterinary consultations. The commercialization of health in the country also falls on companion animals. “It is terrible to see how there are veterinary centers or clinics that exploit and take advantage of a person's love for their little animal. And they market with the health of these furry ones ”, he assures.

Morales calls for social responsibility and awareness of these groups that enrich themselves at the expense of the welfare of domestic fauna, to actively collaborate with free health days in communities where there is a large population of abandoned animals.

 The activist considers that a weekly or monthly shift that each veterinarian in the country does, will not affect the daily earnings of the health center and will greatly contribute to the quality of life of the homeless animals.   

Report responsibly

The lawyer María Cristina Díaz, was part of the guests of the program. He currently chairs the Ceprocan Baruta hostel and hospital center. A space that rescues, heals, sterilizes and gives homeless puppies and kittens up for adoption. So far they are in charge of a population of 55 cats and 42 puppies, all sterilized and ready to be part of a family, which must meet all the requirements demanded by the center.  

Dr. Díaz believes that it is essential that people become aware that shelters are spaces conditioned for a certain number of animals. "Overcrowding is also a form of abuse," he recalls.

Therefore, it is important that when the person goes to adopt some animal, has the appropriate conditions to provide a quality space for the animal. If not, the good deed would be inappropriate and irresponsible, warns the protectionist lawyer.

On the other hand, he limited the issue of complaints by Social Networks and the burden of commitment and responsibility that this implies. "At Ceprocan we summon the person, we ask for their complete data and evidence of the facts," said the specialist.  

He warned that one must be very careful with respect to the information that is shared in the RRSS, because many times it is false or it is out of time. He placed the example of the motorized that he wore a wounded macaw on his motorcycle. “This man was demonized. When he went to the background of the events, it turns out that he was not a bird trafficker, but that he was rescuing the macaw that he found wounded ”.

Finally, Dr. Díaz vindicated the solidarity and social responsibility that various businesses in the area (Baruta) fulfill with the Ceprocan center. "Thanks to those angels who are sensitized to this noble cause and have given us their support," he stressed.

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