Evil and Ecko: heroes in the subway collapse

In the midst of the chaos that was caused in Mexico by the accident of the Metro Collective Transport System that fell after the structure of the elevated track of Line 12 collapsed, two canine heroes came to the rescue of the victims within the debris.

The renowned brothers Evil and Ecko went to the place and together with the Urban Search and Rescue team managed to recover 20 bodies from a trab in the Metro structure.

This is not the first time that this pairing has participated in rescue operations. In 2017 they became known for their rescue work in the earthquakes that occurred on September 7 and 19 in Mexico together with the dog Frida.

These specimens of the Belgian Malinois breed belong to the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar). Fragata captain Israel Monterde Cervantes said in 2018 that Ecko is more fearless than the other; he gets into the holes and digs; He arrives at the vehicle and stands up to get on, while Evil waits to be loaded because he knows he is not enough.

When the presence of this duo was made known, users on social networks published different messages celebrating their participation: “Once again, these little great heroes saving lives”, another said “the famous canine pairings arrived to be able to rescue people that continued to be trapped in the Metro structures ”.