In Bolívar state they activate temporary shelters for animals affected by the rains

Regarding the intense rains that occurred in the country, government authorities in the company of animal movements from Bolívar state, preventively established a shelter plan for dogs and cats that are part of the families affected by the rains.

"While this contingency lasts, we activate several temporary homes to keep the animals that deserve it safe," explained the head of the Nevado Mission of Bolívar state, Ledcerv Hernández through an interview on the Nevado radio program, hosted by the President of Misión Nevado, Maigualida Vargas.

A whole multidisciplinary team is added to the rescue of animals in the entity. "We have seen the spontaneous action of the Bolívar police, Civil Protection officials and other volunteers, ready to rescue and transfer," said Hernández.

In the same way, the massive sterilization sessions in the entity are still active, in the hands of Misión Nevado and Control Ético Animal. "More than 100 animals were sterilized in the last day, mostly community, which were registered through the Animal Protection Committee of the Community Councils," said Hernández.

More management units are urgently needed in the country.

During his conversation with Maigualida Vargas, Ledcerv Hernández reflected on the importance of each municipality having a proper Management Unit and in this way continue to materialize advances that result in animal rights.

In this sense, he highlighted the fundamental role that municipal management units have to collect complaints, act as mediators so that cases of animal abuse reach the justice authorities and the due sanction is carried out, and they are also in charge of administering the resources for generate new spaces for animals, such as sterilization days, adoption activities, rescue, vaccination, among others.

On the other hand, he recalled the co-responsibility that falls on citizens at the time of specifying animal projects, because the municipal ordinances are discussed in principle by the communities, and subsequently approved by a Legislative Council also chosen by the people. «It is recurrent, for example, that communities demand the construction of a shelter or a veterinary center within their periphery, which many times they do not know, is that the resources to maintain that animal space are conditioned by a series of steps that in their Most are linked to laws or entities that are often outside this group.

For this reason, information and participation are the two spearheads with which citizens can contribute to generating real changes in society, not only on the animal side, but on any social issue that links a vulnerable population with specific needs. .

On the last day, more than 100 animals of the entity were sterilized



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