Animal rescue goes hand in hand with responsibility and commitment

This Wednesday, in the Nevado radio program, hosted by the president of the Nevado Mission, Maigualida Vargas, reflected on the guidelines that must be followed when rescuing animals in street situations, with the objective that they have the necessary better chances of surviving and not putting them at greater risk than they already are.

The issue arose from an experience related by the animal lover Neida García, who explained that her kitten had the opportunity to be the mother of some kittens who were rescued and taken to one of the Nevado Mission headquarters. "The three kittens arrived in very bad condition, they were about three days old," he said.

Garcia commented that although the kittens received care from Mission specialists, his experience assured him that it was highly unlikely that they would survive without a nursing mother.

Aware of this, the animalista helped the little ones and that is how her kitten assumed her role as a surrogate mother and nourished those defenseless felines with her mother's milk. “My cat Sheida suffered a pre-eclampsia recently, which is precisely why she was being treated at Misión Nevado. However, when placing the babies, she did not hesitate to breastfeed them and give them the maternal warmth so necessary for the survival of these kittens, "he said.

Despite the act of kindness that at first impression is described towards the person who rescued these baby cats from the streets, both the driver Maigualida Vargas, and her guest Neida, weighed on the responsibility that must accompany a person who decides to rescue a street animal. "The lady who took the kittens, left them at the headquarters and left," Garcia said. Fact that is not considered an act of rescue, for the simple fact of endorsing the responsibility of these animals to someone else.

In this sense, Vargas took the opportunity to present three recommendations that every person who rescues an animal from the street should consider:

  • Have the right conditions to take on the animal to be rescued Responsibility and appropriate conditions, are the premises that a rescuer must consider, when committing to save the life of a companion animal in a street situation. "When we rescue animals, the principle should be that we rescue them to care for them ourselves," says the president of Nevado.
  • Observe the real situation of the animal to be rescued. Vargas also explained that “when we see some baby kittens we cannot grab them the first time, it is important to evaluate if their mother is not around, looking for food or drinking water. The emotional impact that the mother would suffer when taking her cubs away from her would be very strong. So a good would actually be a greater evil for that cat ”.
  • Have the appropriate implements and supplies. Maigualida Vargas in her recommendations clarified that baby kittens are very difficult for them to survive only with assisted feeding. That is why the ideal is to have a nurse cat in mind, when assuming the responsibility of rescuing a litter of felines. "Let them breastfeed, groom and care for them," he considers. Finally, he recommended not to use whole milk, and to research well-proven maternal formulas to feed newborn kittens.