The muzzle, a tool that can not be missing at the time of the walk

Specialists recommend the use of the muzzle, especially in nervous dogs or with a tendency to aggressiveness. This makes it possible to protect the safety of the population.

“Most dogs are friendly and do not pose a danger to society; However, there are laws in different countries that require them to be muzzled when they move in public spaces, in order to protect the safety of the population, ”says an article shared by the Las Acacias veterinary center through its account @vetlasacacias on Instagram.

However, aggressiveness is not the only reason that pushes to use a muzzle on a dog, because muzzles are very good tools that serve to educate dogs, train them and that their behavior is in the best possible way.

They also recommend that it is important that the muzzle allows the dog to pant, since by panting they regulate their body temperature, when it is hot or they are stressed. For this reason, the most recommended muzzles are those of "basket", because it allows them to pant and breathe better.

There are multiple types of muzzles depending on the shape of your dog's face.

How to accustom them?

You must get used to it gradually and not hastily. To do this, you can place an edible treat or snack inside the muzzle for the dog to eat, and thus make him understand that it is not something negative. This process requires a lot of patience and some time, because the ideal is to increase the time of wearing it, until you get used to it completely.

Using the muzzle to train the dog

Many adopters or dog trainers use some very useful tools or accessories to educate them, such as the muzzle. 

The muzzle is ideal for training dogs, since it is a way to guide them to learn some behavior or understand when they do something wrong.

The muzzle is a complement to educate them, however, not all muzzles are for this purpose. 

The muzzle that is most used to train a dog is the one commonly called a brake muzzle (Haltie). This muzzle is a bit different, because it allows the dog to open its mouth.

The muzzle works with the purpose of obtaining the attention of the dog so that it can understand some incorrect or negative behavior.

When the dog has the muzzle and is being educated, it will be enough to pull the muzzle, by doing that, the muzzle will make the dog look down, towards the ground, and thus get his attention. 


  • It is important that it has its own muzzle, because when you feel a strange smell (from another dog), you can exalt its aggressiveness
  • Remember that this accessory is only for temporary use, generally when you go for a walk in the street, go to the vet for a check-up and get very nervous, interaction with new pets among others ...
  • It is not recommended that you use the muzzle as punishment, since you will not correct any inappropriate behavior of the dog with it, and it can even become even more aggressive.

Remember, if your dog tends to get nervous or aggressive during visits to his veterinarian, put his muzzle on him, this way the vet can do his job correctly and more safely. Do not see it as a punishment, it is for their safety and that of your animal.

No matter the age or breed of the dog, it is always important that you understand that wearing a muzzle is not harmful to him, but being something new and also being around his muzzle, it could be very intimidating for the dog.

It is very important that he adapts little by little, because at first it is not easy for them, even if it is the best for him and for others. 

It must be taken into account that the muzzle is not an instrument of punishment for the dog, it is simply a resource that will help him overcome any trauma he may have and avoid possible future aggressions or for his education.

That is why it is very important that its placement is gradual, so that the dog associates it with something positive.