Educate to stop abandonment and animal abuse

A young cyclist, a doctor who made her home a daycare for cats and a pioneer who found her life mission in the rescue and adoption of animals, were the guests of the 45th program of Nevado on Radio, hosted by the president of Mission Nevado, Maigualida Vargas.

Although the experience as an animalist is quite diverse, since each one assumes this work with the conditions and tools that are at hand, the three activists agreed on the same feeling: the satisfaction that represents helping an animal in a street situation and in the need to educate to stop neglect and abuse.

In this sense, Humberto Duque, a lover of bicycles, linked his passion for two wheels with the rescue and shelter of animals in street situations. “Planning a city with less car traffic and more bicycles is favorable for both human beings and animals. Cars are aggressive objects, I have had to rescue many kittens and puppies run over by beings that, behind a wheel, lose their sensitivity to the other ”, he says.

Duque believes that cycling should be more than a hobby or a way to exercise. For him it represents an alternative that can improve the quality of life in cities. “It has been shown that cities in which bicycles predominate as a means of transport are more harmonious, less polluting and more humane. This of course has an impact on the welfare of the animals that also walk on the streets, ”he says.

In the same rescue and protection mission, there is Dr. Zaida Araujo and protectionist Zoraida López, who, from the Catsigatosfelices foundation, rescue, shelter and adopt kittens in vulnerable situations.

For Araujo, making his house a temporary home is one of the best experiences that exist. “My nursery is a space for care but also for training. The adopters go and interact with the kittens and discover which one is the best vibrator with them, ”he explains.

It details that to adopt one of its specimens, there is a selection, an interview and a subsequent follow-up to make sure it is the right family.

He highlighted the responsibility that must be taken when adopting a companion animal. "The ideal adopter is one who has a disposition, sensitivity and great respect for that furry companion who is going to be the new member of the family."

Finally, the founder and manager of Catsigatosfelices, Zoraida López, urged listeners to join in this valuable work. “If you are interested in acting as a temporary home, do not hesitate, it is a rewarding experience. You help us as a foundation to rescue more animals and in turn to manage more happy adoptions ”.

He concluded that you only need the willingness to want to collaborate, the rest is happening on its own, "it is what noble causes have, in the end all doors open to do good."