Discover the endless benefits that you will obtain when adopting a puppy

Loyalty, tenderness, company, joy, are part of what you will experience when adopting a puppy that was once on the street.

Although all dogs are special, those who have suffered the ravages of abandonment have an extra bit of gratitude and love to offer their new family.

Therefore, when choosing a four-legged companion, we always recommend choosing the most defenseless one you can find. A good option would be the smallest of the pack, or the one with a disability, adult puppies are also an ideal option to make your days pleasant.

Whatever your inclination, keep in mind that very close to your community, surely there are shelters, temporary homes or even community dogs that are waiting to be taken in by a family.

Why is the dog the best friend of the human?

Dogs have historically been useful to humans in various jobs. Hunting, herding, protecting the herd were part of the work that humans and dogs shared for mutual benefit.

Today it is no different, people continue to need dogs for rescue, safety or health therapy.

Around this relationship, science has been responsible for answering the reasons that lead to people and dogs being naturally compatible.

A study conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Arizona determined that dog puppies are born with "human-like" social skills. This is what allows them to communicate with people from an early age.

Among the tests they performed on the puppies, most were able to find a treat hidden under one of the two cups when someone pointed it out. They were even able to do it when the smell was camouflaged, which ended up guaranteeing that the dogs not only follow their smell, but that they trust what the human being tells them once they corroborate that it is true.

Dogs are beneficial for health

The presence of dogs, cats and other pets is decisive in the mood. Having a pet has been shown to be a great remedy for depression because its company increases the sense of security and protection. "Interacting with our pet causes the release of oxytocin, the well-known love hormone, generating in us feelings such as joy and confidence," explains psychologist Vanessa Moreno in an interview for the Semana portal.

Also a study published in 'Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Innovations, Quality & Outcomes', in which renowned scientists from the University of St. Anne participated. Hospital (República Chueca) and the University of Catania (Italy), found that those who owned pets were more likely to report more physical activity, better diet and good blood sugar levels. The greatest benefits of having a pet were for those who enjoyed a dog, regardless of age, gender, and educational level.

And it is that the company of a dog also forces the caregivers to go out, move and play with him regularly. Owning a dog has also been linked to better mental health in other studies and a lower perception of social isolation, both risk factors for heart attacks.

On the other hand, "The influence of animals, especially in children, is very positive because it encourages them to interact, to assume responsibilities for their care and to strengthen values ​​such as solidarity and respect," says the expert.

Babies are stimulated with the company of a pet

Similarly, veterinary doctors agree that "having a dog as a pet is a unique experience that will change your life completely." In the account @vetlasacacias from the Las Acacias Clinic shared a list of advantages that you will only experience in the company of a dog:

▪️ It is an excellent company, and only with its presence will you feel accompanied. Together they can play, go for a walk or just sit and do nothing; Anyway, it will be impossible for you to feel alone.

▪️ It entertains you, allowing you to forget your problems for a while, to take care of your four-legged friend, taking care of him and taking care of him as he deserves.

▪️Helps to see things from another perspective, since they are totally alien to daily life and human customs, transmitting serenity.

▪️ It is a source of constant tenderness at any age, that the older it grows, the more attachment it will feel, so it will be difficult for it to separate from you.

▪️A dog does not judge, calculate or evaluate. He is an innocent and trusting being who will always be with you unconditionally.

If you still do not enjoy the company of a dog, encourage yourself to have an unconditional friend who will make your life better and more beautiful.