Report animal abuse, but responsibly

The macaw was euthanized for its serious injuries

This Friday a motorist was denounced by social networks through the account @manosdelosangeles, through a photograph in which it was evidenced that he was carrying a blue macaw on his motorcycle where he was accused of mistreating the bird.

Immediately, the numerous group of rescuers and the people who repudiate the actions of animal abuse were activated and made the complaint viral.

The Public Ministry was activated and announced that the 88th National Prosecutor was assigned to attend the case and that the authorities were in search of the subject, whom they recognized as Alberto Medina, who was finally detained for the rigorous investigations.

For his part, through the account @paramedicsmtt members of the highway paramedic brigade attest to the good intention of the rescuer, who reportedly contacted them to report the case of the injured animal.

"We the @paramedicsmtt We give faith that Mr. ALBERTO MEDINA rescued the Macaw and took it to the Parque del Este where it was received for his attention. While on his way to the eastern park veterinarian, someone took the photo, it went viral and is currently being searched and is being detained at the DIP of the Bolivarian National Police, hereby we ask for the maximum support of protectionists and environmental workers to WHO TOWARDS A GOOD TO THE AVE. It should be noted that Mr. Medina contacted us to report the rescue and to find out if Parque del Este could attend to her, which is why she moved to that place, where she handed over to the authorities. We thank the authorities and people who can help to this father of the family, a person committed to the life of every human and animal ”, reads the message they left on Instagram.

Finally, the Prosecutor Tarek William Saab announced that after investigations, they determined that Medina was not involved in any crime and he was released.

“Mr. Alberto Medina RELEASED after the Public Ministry carried out the rigorous investigations: which determined that he #DO NOT participated in the crime of #Animal.. said citizen #rescued to an injured Macaw and transferred it on a motorcycle to be treated ”, read the message of the prosecutor Tarek William Saab, who also in another message reported the unfortunate news that the bird had to be euthanized due to its serious physical condition. It is presumed that the animal would have been run over by a vehicle.

Finally, the representatives of the organization @manosdelosangeles made a statement through which they apologized for said publication that harmed the Good Samaritan, who was "lynched" through social networks and a hundred WhatsApp groups, who on many occasions They viralize a news story without being verified.

The Prosecutor also makes a call to the entire population to be careful when making a complaint of this nature because it can affect an innocent person. Don't make ball echoes, check the information.

Recuerda que el artículo 25 de la Ley para la Protección para la Fauna Doméstica Libre y en Cautiverio establece como instancias competentes para recibir una denuncia a los Consejos Comunales, la autoridad parroquial o los jueces de paz en primera instancia y las Unidades de Gestión Municipales como ente final.Los casos de crueldad, maltrato grave, lesiones que causen la muerte o inutilicen a un ejemplar de fauna están contemplados en los artículos 478 y 537 del Código Penal, por lo que pueden ser denunciados ante las Fiscalías Municipales.

También la Fundación Misión Nevado brinda asesoría legal para los casos de denuncia por maltrato animal. No te quedes callado. Dale voz a los que no pueden hacerlo.