How a coffee became a space to learn to love cats

The enamored Lucas taking a nap in his cafeteria

Carol Matheus brought her two passions together inadvertently by wanting. It all started when he rescued a black kitten from a garbage dump whom he named Fortunella and later gave shelter to Lucas, a cute cat who came to his door and never left again.

By that time, Matheus also had in mind the opening of a cafe in downtown Caracas. A place where people could relax the run, run itself that this populated city demands. What was never expected is that Fortunella and Lucas, her pets, would become the main attraction of her business.

In an interview through the Nevado radio program, hosted by Maigualida Vargas, president of Misión Nevado, Matheus recounts with grace how her two cats took over the place and captivated her clients. So much so, that now no one goes to Kafé en Taza without stopping asking about the "hateful" Fortunella and the sweet Lucas.

“People come, ask for their coffee and ask for Fortunella, who despite not being close to people, generates grace in the customers, due to her haughty and unfriendly attitude. Shee assures that Lucas is the favorite, because she is sweet. That if you give him confidence, he kisses you, caresses and lets himself be loved by those who need it well, ”she explains.

For Carol, this surprising response from people to their cats is synonymous with the fact that society can change for the better its prejudices and indifference towards animals, as long as spaces are created for it. “There are people who tell me that they don't like cats. But Lucas makes them fall in love with his pampering and purring ”.

She considers that without planning it, her two felines carry out an awareness work and break the negative labels that have historically been imposed, especially on felines.

She confesses that she is proud and grateful because her dream of opening a space for sharing and camaraderie also became a small refuge where the purrs, caresses and antics of her kittens are the order of the day.

Huellas Fénix Sanctuary, a place to heal without trauma

The Sanctuary Huellas Fénix refuge was originally a space for the rescue, care and adoption of animals. It was no different from the hundreds who do this work on a daily basis.

In one of the many experiences, their focus changed drastically. In addition to a shelter, it became a center to treat animals with alternative therapies such as Reiki, Homeopathy, Acupuncture among other natural techniques.

This was announced by the person in charge of this noble work, Carolina Noriega, who ensures the reliability of these treatments, in addition to not causing suffering to the animal. "I am not against traditional medicine, but in the years that I have been in this work I have seen many animals suffer with the aggressive and invasive treatments that they command for chronic diseases."

In that sense, Noriega explains that there are more subtle options and methods that propose positive results for diseases such as Feline Leukemia, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Cystitis or something as simple as anxiety in dogs and cats.

In addition to the well-being that Homeopathic medicine can provide to your furry, Noriega explains that another positive factor to consider is the economics of the therapy. "I recommend that you focus on looking for different alternatives and are not closed to trying new forms of medicine," she says.

She also urged other centers to study and expand this health method that improves the quality of life of the animals and does not represent high costs in the economy of their caregivers.