Meet the challenge and change lives: Adopt and tell us your story

Regarding the celebration of International Street Dog Day, the Kikiriwuao Foundation has undertaken various initiatives to make the animal fight visible throughout the month of July. That is why through the "Change lives" challenge, all animal lovers will be able to tell the stories of how they rescued, adopted or sponsored a furry in a homeless or abandoned situation.

To meet the challenge you must share your experience through the hashtag #SalvaChalllenge, for this you can use photos, videos, writings or any other tool that transmits that unique moment of changing the life of an animal in a vulnerable situation. Últimas Noticias He will publish the story of your little furry to encourage others to collaborate, even if they don't have it at home, a plate of food and water change the life of an animal.

Initiatives in this field make it possible to make the good deeds of people viral that many times we do not know exist, but they are there, contributing, changing a life, and making this world a better place. 

Catch the good and be one of those people. What do you say you dare to meet the challenge?

If for any reason, you still do not have a furry to refer to in your story, or you have not yet adopted any four-legged companion, well you're in luck, because for this week we have the most tender four-legged candidates:


This beautiful puppy of 5 months, is sterilized. The lucky adopter must pay for their vaccines. From the rest she is healthy, strong and willing to give love and company to the host family. It is delivered with a commitment to follow-up by its current caregivers. Renata currently lives in the Cafetal, to arrange her adoption they must contact: 0414 317 1281


This pair of kittens, lovingly named panteritas, are one month old. They urgently seek a home that loves and cares for them responsibly. They are found in Guarenas. Their current protectors will follow up. They must be sterilized. Call: 0424 291 9658/0414 030 9083

2 month Schnauzer

This two-month-old baby is from Caracas, he is looking for a family that takes care of him and always loves him. To adopt this little boy I called 0412 812 12 60

2 month old puppy

This little boy, barely two months old, is looking for a home where he can be loved and cared for properly. He is in Caracas, he is lovely and ready to learn and be the ideal companion of any family. 0424 287 9880

2 month old dog

This two-month-old baby is playful, sociable. It is delivered with a sterilization commitment. It is located in Guarenas - Guatire. If that face captivated you and you are going to give it a responsible and warm home, call and adopt it by: 0414 144 1224


If you are looking for a more mature dog, here we have the best candidate. Penelope is eight years old, loving, active, and a faithful companion. Call 0414 329 54 94


This girl is one year old, she is super loving and affectionate. She is in Caracas. Do not stay with the desire to adopt this puppy. Contact: 0414 908 2006

Koichi, Karsu. Sachi, Mitsuha

This quartet of kittens are found in San Antonio de los Altos. Three of them have two months. Mitsuha is a bigger kitten that needs to be sterilized, so her caregiver seeks any type of collaboration, or that her future adopter agrees to sterilize her. If you fell in love with any of them, contact: 0424 165 1661

Little dogs

These girls will be delivered sterilized, they are currently in Teques. They are all puppies, although at different ages, they need a good home to take them in.