Be careful with your furry paws

In the same way that healthy feet ensure adequate development in people's daily lives, so do the legs of our pets. Four healthy, firm and well-groomed legs are the basis for the spoiled of the house to develop their routine with total normality and independence.

Eating, running, jumping, playing and even sitting would not be an easy verb to execute for our pets, if any of their four legs is injured. For this reason, it is convenient to know various cares that must be taken into account to avoid any injury or wear on the pads that make up the legs of our animal.

The specialists who make life in the clinic "Mestizos Veterinary Center" explain that the pads fulfill two specific functions: cushion and absorb shocks when walking and running. In addition to resisting the abrasion of the constant contact and erosion of the legs against the ground.

Another important fact that veterinarians highlight is that these areas are called "interdigital", since they are formed by a skin with unique characteristics in the dog. This skin is full of sweat glands, the only area of ​​the dog (along with the skin of the muzzle) where these types of glands exist. "To put it simply and directly, dogs do not sweat, they eliminate heat through panting, except between the fingers, where they can sweat," they explain.

Likewise, experts warn that injuries to the pads are very frequent because they are constantly exposed to blows, cuts and wear. Especially in dogs that walk through concrete spaces.

For this reason, it is convenient to alternate the puppy's walk on asphalt and green areas. This is an ideal method, not only to avoid wear, but also to get your pads used to the asphalt. In this way, we give the pads time to harden little by little.

Good hydration is essential, as it helps keep your pads soft and strong.

Age also plays a role. With the passage of time, the pads become more resistant, to the point of becoming excessively thick in animals of advanced age.