When indolence traps society

Telly lived in the parking lot with her kitty brothers

Cat Requiem, for my Telly.

This Thursday, March 18, an event occurred, which could be classified as an accident if the attitude of those involved had been adequate, but unfortunately, our society is still trapped in indolence towards animals.

On other occasions, in this same newspaper, I have commented on the story of the herd of kittens that was formed by uncontrolled reproduction due to the impossibility of castrate to the cat mom. Finally, 6 of the kittens with their mother, for more than 4 years, have been living in the parking lot of the place, where the community has seen them born. These animals are treated like community pets thanks to the support of some local residents.

The kittens got used to the place and live among the cars, which deserves special attention when moving the vehicles, to prevent an accident. Just yesterday, one of the kittens was fatally run over by one of the parking users. Although it can be classified as an accident, the fact is that the person who ran over the animal did not flinch, much less take responsibility. He left the animal dying, bathed in blood and with an unusual indolence, he withdrew from the place, perhaps thinking that he had not been seen ... fleeing from his own conscience? ... perhaps.

I start from the premise that it is not necessary for anyone to point it out, remorse is sometimes worse, but I am sure that person is one of those who thinks, what does it matter, he was just a stray cat, why did he cross it, who sends it not to get out of there, I do not have to be aware of those animals that are not mine, well there is one less ...

This is how some humans react, detached, insensitive and selfish. Anyone has an accident, maybe he did not see it, or it surprised him and he could not avoid running over him ... anything can happen. What is unacceptable is playing crazy and not taking responsibility ... this accident happened to me, how I helped, at least, get out of the car and check to see what happened to the little animal. He only left a frightening coldness, as if he were a sociopath, because surely that is how he would react if he had run over a human being.

Obviously, you have to respect people's decision about their liking for animals. There are people who do not even look at them, others complain about their permanence in the place, however they do not harm them. But as human beings, we must grow and respect the lives of the most innocent, of those who have no voice, of those who teach us humility and unconditional love. Although many think that cats do not establish connections with humans, you have to have a cat as a pet to understand how that deep relationship is established.

I was very surprised when I found the dead kitten because the rest of the pack surrounded him, they were crying ... they desperately sniffed the blood scattered around the place. When I picked up the little animal and put it in a bag to bury it, they followed me to the place and one by one I sniffed the box of shoes where I put it and they let out a sad little meow, a kind of kitten requiem, a different meow, languid looks . They feel, animals feel pain ... why do some people not believe it, why do they disrespect them?

Community kittens do a great service to everyone. A stream passes near the place, from which many vermin, especially rats, come out. Many neighbors still do not realize the work of these felines, how much they collaborate with the inhabitants of the community by exterminating a large number of bugs and rats.

If you don't like animals, at least respect them.

Kittens are already used to being in the parking lot, where they were born.