They created an application that translates the meows

The application has 13 vocabulary phrases

British engineer Javier Sánchez created the Meowtalk application that manages to identify what cats' meows mean. So far, it has 13 phrases in the app's vocabulary, among which is 'Feed me!', 'I'm angry!', 'Let me out', 'Leave me alone!', Among others.

Among its benefits is that the owner of the feline can record its sounds. "The owner of the cat can also tag the sounds so that a database is created and that the artificial intelligence software learns to better understand the voice of each feline and can translate with more precision."

Motivated that each cat is unique, the application is not based on generic data for cat sounds, but its translation is different for each user.

He commented that his goal is to develop a smart collar that would translate the cat's meow instantly. "This will allow them to communicate with your cat, or at least understand your cat's intention and build a very important connection."

Users who have tried the application have left positive impressions, they classify it as a fun and functional tool. Cat behaviorist Anita Kelsey commented, "All we can do is have fun thinking about what they might be saying from our human perspective."