They create an application that deciphers the meows of cats

The app says it can help you figure out what your cat wants

Baptized as MeowTalk and developed by former Amazon engineer Alexa Javier Sánchez, the app uses machine learning technology to translate cat meows into words. 

Before using the application, it is necessary to train it, since the sounds vary from one animal to another and are even different depending on the breed of the cat, say the developers. “It is not a language. Cats don't share words or communicate with each other, ”Sánchez explained in an interview.

It says that you can decipher what your kitties can tell you

First, the user has to record the sound. Then, the system compares it with phrases like "I'm resting", "leave me alone", "I'm hungry", "I love you" or "I feel pain", among others. So far, the MeowTalk vocabulary has a total of 13 phrases. The easiest meows to decipher are those of kittens communicating with their mothers, Sánchez said.

The beta version of the application, which is still under development, is now available on both Google Play and the App Store. Most users praised the accuracy with which it can translate their kittens' meows.

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