Know some quirky phrases inspired by cats

Throughout our history, felines have had a protagonic role. That is why it is not uncommon for artists, musicians, writers and painters to have outlined their creativity in praising the attributes of these particular animals. The same occurs with colloquial language, it is noteworthy that many of the metaphors we use refer to some catlike characteristic.

Here we tell you what each saying inspired by feline behavior means:

🐱Curiosity killed the cat:

It is used to tell someone that you do not have to know more than what you should and that certain limits should not be crossed, making an analogy between danger and the cat, since it is exposed to many dangers and risks due to its curious nature and explorer. This expression dates from the late nineteenth century, and comes from the English expression “curiosity killed the cat”.

🐱All cats are brown at night:

This saying alerts us to being deceived by an impostor whom we can take for another person and not realize their bad intentions. It originated in Spain, when the capital of the kingdom moved to Madrid, and a large number of ruffians and criminals arose who lurked at night waiting for a victim. In such a way that the expression does not refer to felines, but to Madrid people, who have been known, since ancient times, as cats.

🐱Put the bell on the cat:

This phrase is used when faced with a difficulty or the impossibility of carrying out a potentially dangerous task, alluding to the need to coordinate and agree to see who carries out said work. It is considered that this expression was used in the XNUMXth century (BC), since it appears in the famous fable "The cat and the mice", by the Greek author Aesop.

🐱Here is a cat locked up:

The cat referred to in this expression is not the feline, but a leather purse in which money was kept centuries ago. It was common to wear it hidden in clothing, and when one of the criminals saw someone keep it for him, he indicated to his cronies that there was a cat locked up there, in order to steal it stealthily.

???? Has more life than a cat:

It refers to the person who has the ability to get out of the most complicated situations.

???? When the cat is away, the mice have a party:

It means that when there is no one to watch, people do what they see fit.

???? Take for a ride

We have all heard this expression which is synonymous with deceiving someone. An urban legend says that baiting is common in some Chinese restaurants, but this is nothing more than a racist cliché.

???? Son of cat hunts mouse

It means that children do the same as parents.

???? Do not look for the five legs of the cat

Looking for five legs to the cat means defending a very elaborate or downright impossible explanation.

???? The cat was mounted to the Batea

Used to indicate that a situation has reached its peak

???? Defend yourself like a cat belly up

It means defending yourself fiercely, with great impetus, with great vehemence.

Worshiped by Egyptians, cats are inspiring muse of many artists

Phrases of famous writers in honor of cats:

As was said at the beginning, there were many illustrious characters who were captivated by the company of a pussycat. Scientists, poets, doctors and writers at some point in their life dedicated a phrase to describe their love for cats.

Here you can read part of the compilation in honor of the felines:

  • "Time spent with cats is never wasted." / Sigmund Freud, Father of Psychoanalysis
  • "The cat possesses beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity, all the virtues of man without his vices." / Lord Byron. Considered one of the best poets of the English language
  • "I wish my writing was as mysterious as a cat." / Edgar Allan Poe. American writer, poet and critic, considered one of the universal masters of the short story.
  • "Paradise will never be paradise unless my cats are there waiting for me" / Epitaph in an animal cemetery
  • "God made the cat to offer man the pleasure of stroking a tiger." / Victor Hugo, poet and playwright considered one of the most important writers of the French language.
  • "Elegance wanted body and life, that's why it became a cat." / William of Aquitaine, known as William the Troubadour, was a French Nobleman
  • If you feel bad, you look at the cats and you feel better because they know that everything is just the way it is. / Charles Bukowski, German writer and poet.
  • “It is a very difficult task to win the affection of a cat; he will be your friend if he feels that you are worthy of his friendship, but not your slave ”/ Théophile Gautier. French poet, playwright, novelist and journalist
  • The cat is the only animal that has managed to domesticate man. " / Marcel Mauss. Anthropologist and sociologist, considered one of the Fathers of French ethnology.
  • "Man is civilized insofar as he understands a cat" / George Bernard Shaw. Irish critical playwright and polemicist
  • Man has two means of taking refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. / Albert Schweitzer. Nobel Peace Prize in 1952