Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples advances in animal defense

We advance in the protection of all living beings thanks to the unity of the Animal Movement of Venezuela. Photo: @SomosNevado

From the Casona Cultural Aquiles Nazoa in Caracas, the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples Animalist chapter was held, towards the consolidation of proposals for the protection of all animals and construction of a peace society, reported this Sunday the president of the Nevado Mission Maigualida Vargas.

“We started the work tables with organizations, foundations and protectionists who, as a single movement, have been able to gather all the proposals from this space, in unity and full integration of all the organizations that make up the great Animal Movement of Venezuela, for the recognition of the right of animals and the development of protection policies for those who have no voice ”he highlighted.

In this sense, he explained that they discussed 4 main flags of struggle that will be raised at the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples to be held on February 27 and 28:

  1. Combat animal abuse linked to work, in order to create a Law of cruel treatment towards animals.
  2. Production of food, medicines, vaccines for the welfare of animals.
  3. Guarantees of the right to health of animals.
  4. Generate a map of recognition of the rights of animals for the development of protection policies for those who have no voice.

He indicated that in this Animalist chapter, Venezuelan and international protectionists participate as a recognition of our country, as "vanguard at the forefront of what is the issue of animal protection in the world and to promote the National Law that was approved in the National Assembly (AN) in 2010 where we have an effort among the various Public Powers to combat animal abuse ”.

For her part, Deputy Diva Guzmán stressed that this Congress guarantees the activation of all our people and that “more than 30 sectors are summoned to address an issue prioritized by the National Government. The importance of this sector for the conscience of our people in the humanistic construction to apply social justice to those who have no voice. We are happy because more than 200 leaders are participating ”. / VTV.