University firefighters rescue an injured sloth at UCV

This Monday a specimen of sloth was rescued by officials of the University Firefighters of the UCV, after the animal suffered a fall from a tree in the vicinity of the university campus and presented nasal bleeding.

Through their account on the social network Twitter, the uniformed officers reported that once the animal was rescued, taking care of all the protocols of the case, it was transferred to the headquarters of the Nuevo Circo Comprehensive Veterinary Center for specialized attention, because it is a wild species and has a special treatment.


The sloth is a mammal whose appearance can be confused with that of a primate, but it does not have any kind of kinship with them, they are distant relatives of the anteater and the armadillo. Although it has long limbs, it moves with great difficulty on the ground, preferring the protection afforded by the heights of the trees, where it spends most of its life.

This mammal spends most of its time climbing trees, where it gets its food. The sloth's diet is, basically, that of a herbivorous animal, it feeds on stems and young shoots, tender leaves, although it has been proven that on some occasions it can feed on small reptiles and birds.