UCV firefighters rescued a dog trapped in a grave

Firefighters removed the dog safely. Photo: @BomberosUCV

Firefighters from the Central University of Venezuela rescued a dog that had fallen into a large pit located on the edge of the UCV, thanks to the alert made by a passer-by who heard the animal's moans.

According to information posted on social networks, on November 10, the firefighters received the alert, after a citizen who was taking a walk around the University City heard peculiar sounds of ripping, when he went to verify what it was, he found a canine trapped in unfavorable conditions in a two-meter pit, so he went to the fire station to warn him.

Once the troops were alerted to the discovery of the dog, one of the firefighters went with the citizen to confirm the scene and request the necessary material to carry out the rescue maneuvers.

According to the messages posted on the social network, the firefighters acted quickly to safeguard the life of the animal, Sergeant Major Gisbel Álvarez, descended into the pit with a ladder, took the dog calmly and took him to a safe area, where he was evaluated by the professionals not finding serious injuries that endangered their lives.

Thanks to the work and the alert on time, this puppy got a new opportunity.