So you can calm your cat when he feels stressed, scared or threatened

If there is a cat at home, surely it has already revealed some of its most tender facets; He may have already laid down on your lap and purred to sleep, or came between you and your cell phone, to get your undivided attention. Most likely, you have already known his hunting side, when he left you a little bird or a dead lizard as a gift. This and many other antics will make you melt with love for your feline.

But what happens when your michi experiences moments of anxiety, fear and threat. How can we help you overcome this trance? According to the account specialized in tips on the behavior of cats @lavizcat, attitudes such as anxiety, fear and threat can be treated by making changes in the daily environment of the animal, so that it feels more comfortable and serene. These are some ideas that are proposed:

Make them the best hiding place: Being able to take refuge and hide helps them manage stress or anxiety very well. They feel safe and secure. It can be a cardboard box, an igloo-type bed, a place in your closet, great that they have their own hiding place.

It is important that if our cat decides to hide, we allow it and respect it and that it can come out of its own free will and initiative. It is normal that they want to hide when they want to avoid another cat, visits in your house (strangers for them), loud and strange noises or when they do not want to.

Watch out! It is not normal for your cat to stay hidden all day without an external stimulus that stresses it or generates fear, this is a warning that your kitten may be sick.

The cats love heights: Having access to tall surfaces or structures they love to entertain, rest and observe their surroundings. If our cats are stressed or feel in danger or fear, being able to climb to high places gives them greater security because they can isolate themselves and observe everything that happens around them.

The high places generate security in the kittens.

Have escape routes: Escape routes are essential for them since when faced with a threat they prefer to flee and avoid conflict, avoid confronting and be able to escape.

Keeping these simple tips in mind. Now it is essential to know some signs that suggest a picture of stress in the pussy of the house:

Cchanges in habits when toileting. It is quite common for a stressed cat to relieve himself in places other than his litter box, or in infrequent places in the house.

Compulsive behaviors. Stressed cats exhibit compulsive behaviors. Although there are many of these behaviors, some of the most recurrent are: muscle contractions, grooming, open mouth, etc.

Aggressiveness. Aggression is one of the most common symptoms of stress, not only in cats, but even in humans as well. So a cat that suddenly shows aggressive behavior is probably stressed.

Dietary changes. Stressed cats also show changes in their eating behavior. They may have a poor appetite or even desire to eat strange and harmful foods.

Intense marking. In a way, stressed cats don't feel like they have control over the environment around them. Therefore, another of the characteristics of a stressed cat is intense and excessive marking. Here, the cat uses nails or urine to mark its territory more than usual.

Diseases. This only happens if the cat remains stressed for a long time. The most frequent diseases are respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary.

The quality of life of your animal depends on your care and responsibility towards it. They don't need much to feel good. With his vaccinations up to date, his clean litter box, a balanced diet and lots of love, your kitty will be the luckiest of all.



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