Sponsor a sterilization, giving birth excessively is another form of abuse

Being ridden over and over again by a pack of dogs that fight, harass and chase, is just the beginning of all the mistreatment that a street or community dog ​​goes through that is in heat, that is, in its reproductive period. Because after her reproductive cycle is completed, the long process of pregnancy awaits her, and of bringing into the world a litter that will surely have the same fate as her mother: suffering from hunger and thirst, abuse and the risks that birth entails. on the street.

To reduce this chain of abuse is simple, you just have to sterilize. Sterilization is an act of love and responsibility. It also increases the quality of life of those wonderful beings who guard the street of any sector and who are always willing to offer affection and gratitude to those locals who offer them a little water and food.

This is precisely the feeling of the protectionist Elizabeth Giménez, who denounces that in her community there are four community dogs that have already had four deliveries, with an average of four to eight puppies per litter, which has generated that she and other volunteers see the obligation to help them so that most of them have a safe home.

However, the protectionist claims that the best support that can be given to these dogs is their urgent sterilization. Especially for Cuchimina, an adult female who has already given birth many times, and this has caused her various problems, both emotionally and physically. “She is the one that worries me. She is exhausted from giving birth and has severe skin problems ”, explains Giménez.

To fulfill the noble cause, Ingrid requests the support of any person or institution that can collaborate with financial or logistical resources to finally sterilize these four little girls. "The residents of San Miguel, a sector where the dogs live, are ready to take care of their post-operative care, but the ideal is to urgently get support to castrate them and cut the circle of dogs in the street," adds Giménez.

In this sense, the protectionist requested the support and helping hand for this case that will redound to the good of these puppies that make life in the populous sector of Cota 905. "A small contribution can make a difference for these little girls," she said. .

For those who want to sponsor these puppies, they can communicate by calling 0414 231 29 24 personal number of Mrs. Elisabeth Giménez, responsible for the case.