Agenda of the week

With the purpose of recently celebrating International Cat Day, this week we bring you a varied gallery of kittens looking for a home warmth that allows them to stay safe and as a family. Our billboard includes mostly cats and cats waiting for you.

These two feline beauties are looking for a home; Cuchu is a 3-month-old female, who is already dewormed; Tina is a bold green eyes who falls in love, she is 6 months old and waiting for a home. Those interested in them call Nº: 0414.327.84.35.

Patricia and Donna, are part of a herd of community kittens that are already looking for a safe home, Patricia is 11 months old and spayed, meanwhile Donna is 6 months old and spayed. She looks for a loving home that respects and loves her. Those interested in adopting call the number: 0414.327.84.35.

Rayitas and Oxanna, they are two beautiful kittens who want to share their love with you, don't think about it so much and adopt one of them.

Rayitas is located in Maiquetía, La Guaira state and you can contact No. 0414.211.42.08 for more information. Oxanna is a 6-year-old adult cat that is already sterilized, is calm and independent and is in Caracas, if you want to give her a little corner of your home you must contact the following numbers: 0212.272.65.79 / 0414.249.74.56.

This beautiful abandoned kitten and now in shelter, she is about 1 month old, she already eats everything by herself, uses her chip box and loves to be accompanied. It is dewormed. A good adopter is sought for her who will have to support her, take care of her and give her a lot of love. Contact 04142554952 and 04242270812, is located in La Trinidad Caracas.

The evil of the human being has no limits and it is that this beautiful spotted kitten was about to die asphyxiated because she was put in a bag and thrown away like garbage on Casanova avenue; Thanks to a young woman who passed by and heard her moans, he managed to save her. You need a temporary or permanent home, those who want it please contact the number: 0414.010.59.12 only WhatsApp.