Agenda of the week

All the animals deserve a chance, if you had a furry that crossed the rainbow, open your heart to another little creature, who will become your best company and will bring joy to your home.


The Maltese mongrel with poodle was abandoned and is looking for a home where they can provide shelter and love. He is between six to seven years old. It is located in Caracas. Contact: 0414-9042886.


This male pussycat, with approximately four months, was left abandoned in a house. It is located in the Industrial Zone of El Llanito, in Caraca. Contact: 0414-9042886.


The beautiful one-month-old kitten is looking for a home in Caracas. It eats solid, milk and perfectly uses its chip box. His only flaw is that he hates loneliness. Contact: 0412-2554952 / 0424-2270812.


The dog was adopted and locked in a room when he went on a trip. Some protectionists removed him from the place to a temporary home, but they need a permanent family for him. Contact: 0414-3723969.