Adoptions of the Week

This week we join the celebration of World Animal Day, in which efforts are united to enhance the rights of all species that make life and accompany us on this planet. The first thing is to become aware of the climatic change, of the indiscriminate exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, which in addition to affecting millions of human beings, also leads to the extinction of many species. In this sense, we must join forces to change what can be changed from our homes and communities in favor of animal welfare and pachamama in general.

Similarly, this October it is important to protect the animals that are victims of absurd superstitions created by ignorance, and often reinforced by the entertainment industry. We make specific reference to the risk that falls on black cats, because they are the prey of rituals and any other atrocious by unscrupulous beings. In the same way, a call is made so that in these months of October and November black and white animals are not given up for adoption, because they also tend to be sacrificed in Santeria and palería rituals. Let's protect these animals from these acts of cruelty.

With this premise, it is time to present the beautiful furry that are waiting for a loving family:

This beautiful red Siamese called Catire, is 5 years old approx. He is very affectionate, calm and polite, he is sterilized and dewormed, he was also abandoned a couple of years ago they sterilized him and he was a community but people did not want him and they rescued him to give him a temporary home while he gets a responsible and loving home. He does it in the sandbox, he takes with children and other animals (as long as they do not attack him), when he was a community he was in contact with the children and pets of the building and never attacked them, he likes to walk with his chest and leash, currently It is sterilized and dewormed, if you want this gallant to fill your home with love and sweetness, contact the numbers 04142656453 or 04241397335, it is located in Caracas.

Contact the numbers 04142656453 or 04241397335

A home is required for these two 4-month-old brothers, they are already sterilized, they are in danger. Number 04141604265

For more information 04141604265



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