Adoptions of the week

This week many of the animals that we will present below were rescued. They suffered mistreatment, abandonment, or the little fortune of being dumped in garbage dumps or containers. This cruel panorama is still evident in our society. Helpless beings that are born and suffer the consequences of the unconsciousness of many. That is why it is a priority to support awareness campaigns on the rights of our companion animals.

On the other hand, it is urgent to promote responsible adoption, which is nothing more than assuming our furry friend as another member of the family. Taking into account that for 15 to 17 years we must take charge of their food, health, recreation and well-being in general.

Go ahead and adopt, and if you already have an animal as a companion, do not forget to sterilize it and give it its vaccinations. Caring is the greatest proof of love towards these noble beings.


This beautiful 2-month-old baby is the only one missing for a responsible and loving home, she was rescued together with her two little sisters from a box on the street, she is dewormed and is delivered with a commitment to sterilization, she is very sweet, affectionate, playful and curious, she does it in the litter box, she gets along well with puppies and kittens, she eats gatarina in croquettes and wet food, if you want this cute baby to fill your home with love and tenderness, contact the numbers 04241397335 or 04142656453, she is in Caracas .

This dog is given up for adoption, she was on the street and was rescued by a good young woman. However, his mother does not allow him to have animals. For that reason a loving family is looking for him. The young woman is from Guarenas, but she can be transferred to Caracas, to the Miranda station. Contact 04145048927

These feline babies are beautiful and affectionate and they already relieve themselves in their dirt box and eat alone. Please someone who wants to adopt them with a sterilization commitment to avoid unnecessary reproduction. His rescuer already has a cat and is super jealous. The family must accept follow-up from our family 04126043969

This beautiful dog is called Lana and she is looking for a loving family. She is obedient, loving, and is 9 months old. It is medium and has its vaccinations up to date. Her "owner", who left the country, left her with a neighbor who has little space. It is located in Caracas, Antímano. For more information write to Katiuska Medina Quilarque's faceboook

This beautiful furry copper color and sweet eyes, his name is Bobby. He is an adult with a young soul because he loves to play like a puppy. His story is very sad but he is ready for a responsible and loving home that gives him a second chance to be happy. He was rescued with a maggot wound on the left side of his face from a machete blow from a heartless human. They managed to cure him and with loving therapy we managed to make him trust humans again, now he is like a playful puppy. His face was as it is in the photo but it does not limit it in anything, he eats and plays excellent, he is very affectionate and obedient, he is sterilized and dewormed, he relieves himself outside the home, he gets along well with dogs, kittens and children over 8 years old, eats doggie and wet food, has a good tooth, loves to walk and run. If you want this beautiful one to fill your home with joy and love, contact only by WhatsApp at 0414 2452058. It is located in Caracas.



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