Adoptions of the week

We started the week by appealing to the maximum solidarity for these pet animals that will be presented below, because most were rescued from the street, or are still in it, going through numerous vicissitudes. For this reason we request the maximum collaboration for these homeless beings.

Remember that if you cannot adopt, you can sponsor, collaborate with supplies or volunteer in animal foundations, and if you cannot join any of these initiatives, you can always spread this information to increase the chances of adoption.

With small actions big changes are achieved…. Join and help one of these little ones to find a suitable home.

This puppy is in San Antonio de los Altos, Potrerito Urbanization, she urgently needs a home. She gave birth a month ago and her cubs disappeared. She is a community dog ​​whose name is Negrita Santa, because she was born in the Chapel of that same community.

Bold Santa badly needs a loving home. Contact number 04242483908. Edo MIRANDA

This dog was initially rescued from death, the man who rescued her went to Panama about two years ago. He did not sterilize her, that is why she gives birth every time she comes into heat. Right now she is just given birth. She is super docile, urges her to be home and sterilized.

It is in Arauca sector UD4 caricuao, Caracas. Contact phone 0412.335.12.33

These little ones are 3 homeless kittens who live on the street with their mommy, they are about 1 month old. A lady put them in a box but they get wet when it rains. They need a temporary or permanent home.

They are located on the main avenue of the Baruta mines contact 0424 2534210


White dog, she is lost. She is very thin due to liver problems and is undergoing treatment. He escaped into the acacia area.

If the time or they picked it up call +58 4241374785



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