Adoptions of the week

Like every week, the adoption billboard presents a group of furry animals that were mostly rescued from the street, fed, cured and sometimes even sterilized to be ready to become part of a family.

Taking into account all the hardships that most of these animals surely suffered, it is propitious that the people who adopt any of these little ones, be clear that they assume a responsibility for a maximum of 15 or 16 years, which is the natural life time of the children. Dogs and cats.

It should be noted that it should not necessarily be adopted to contribute to the animal cause. You can also sponsor one of these quadrupeds. You can donate anything from newspaper, disinfectants, food, to medicine. With any contribution, a difference can be made ... And it cannot be forgotten that there are dogs in the communities that may also need human generosity. Putting water on a stray puppy or giving it food can represent a different and special day for that animal.

With this premise, we present the fuzzies looking for a home:

Cuchito was rescued in March 2020, thanks to his protectionists he feels much better. He has a slight problem in his spine that can be corrected with walks. He is very affectionate and is in search of a family that loves him and of a lot of love. He is under shelter in El P araíso, interested in writing to 0414-1064744 (only WhatsApp)


This dog baby, since last year has been suffering torment with various pathologies and currently presents primary pulmonary parenchyma (fluid in the lungs that does not allow him to breathe well), for which he requires with extreme urgency a study (tracheal lavage to pathology), to find the cause of his disease (cancer is presumed), it has a cost of $ 270. The applicant for the aid is Mrs. Rina, a protectionist from the El Paraíso parish, who resorts to asking for collaboration to get this test done and thus have the diagnosis and possible treatment to save her life. Thanks in advance for the dissemination of this request. Tel: 02122668518, 04262871277