Adoptions of the week

This week a battalion of rescued little ones are ready and ready to be part of a responsible and loving family. Adopting is extremely simple. You only have to be a person committed to the living being that will be part of your home. Keep in mind that this furry needs food, medical care and time to recreate. The ideal is to have a minimum budget to give a good quality of life to this faithful companion. Do not worry that what you spend in money will be returned with a lot of love.

If you have this minimum requirements. So it's time for you to meet this week's candidates:

If what you are looking for is a baby kitten or a puppy dog ​​that you can teach to relieve itself in the litter box or in the newspaper and that will accompany you for at least fifteen years of its life. Here we have these miniature tendernesses so that you can choose the one that captivates you the most ... Go ahead!

These mininos (female and male) were rescued along with their mother. They are located in Higuerote, edo. Miranda. They are only 6 weeks old. To adopt them you can call 0414 218 58 52

The story of these two felines becomes even more difficult. Unscrupulous beings try to take them to a shed so that they "hunt the rodents that are there" and survive by pure instinct. So they need a home where they do not use it, but grow pampered and happy like the beautiful kittens that they are.

This kitty needs urgent help. His rescuer does not have the resources to cure him, because he already takes care of his three cats. Find a home where they can offer you all the care you deserve. The kitten is in Caricuao, UD2. To collaborate with him you can call 0424 230 25 40

If you are one of the people who like to give a second chance to people who already had a family, but it was not too and suffered the attacks of the street. Here we leave these little animals that, although they are already adults, maintain the nature of giving and receiving love.

This little boy was rescued from the street. Responsible home is urgently needed. It is located in Montalban. For more information, contact Mrs. Luz. 0412 984 02 23

This kitten was thrown into the street "by bad people," says his rescuer. He needs a home because the person who rescued him already has his entire pack, and his cats are very territorial. He assures that this pussycat is very polite and loving. Its prompt adoption is urgent. It is located in La Vega, Caracas. For more information call 0412 583 41 60

Help for these Newborns


This dog was abandoned by her owners. It responds to the name of Snow. He was in Catia. Any information on your whereabouts. Please call 0424 258 62 46


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