Adoptions of the week

Three simple gestures that can change the day of a furry man on the street:

  • Feed a puppy or kitten: Just by bringing some croquettes or any leftover food in good condition, you can make a difference. There are those who make large pots of food and distribute them to herds that live in different parts of the city or region. A job that deserves perseverance, resources and effort, but it is more than gratifying.
  • Approach, talk or caress them: Sometimes a gesture of love towards a furry can make them feel valued. In addition, specialists say that this is a stress reliever, the best to raise your spirits. Just seeing a puppy wag its tail to greet you or a cat rubbing itself on you, is already a symbol that you are a human worth knowing.
  • Defend them: In general, the animals that live on the streets are victims of abuse, mistreatment, indifference and even cruelty by insensitive people. For that reason, we must act when we observe any act of violence or humiliation against a defenseless quadruped. We can call the authorities to avoid risking our lives, all as long as the bad action does not go unpunished.

Simple actions can improve the life of a defenseless person. The real heroes are those who with small and anonymous gestures save the day of any animal.

With this reflection, we leave you below some beautiful baby cats that are looking for a home made up of a loving family.

If you want to give bigger cats a new chance, we present these candidates:

For doggy lovers, the following candidates are up for adoption:

This babe was almost run over. The people who rescued her cannot have her. You need a temporary or permanent home. If you can help her, please contact the following number: 0424 172 3723

He is Zeus is a German Shepherd mongrel. He needs a loving family, his current family is leaving the country. He is five years old. He is super affectionate and playful. If you want to adopt it you can call: 0424 151 41 76

For responsible adoption, a beautiful 2-month-old mongrel puppy is supposed to be medium to small in size. She was rescued by herself from a garbage dump. It is given with a commitment to sterilization, a commitment to follow up. To contact her, write to whatsapp at 04241477063

This little dog is in Los Teques in a street situation. It is small in size. You need a home urgently. For more information contact: 0412 707 34 81