Adoptions of the week

A mongrel dog or cat is the closest thing to an angel on earth, those wonderful beings that some do not value and others we love sometimes roam the world through a loving and warm space to demonstrate their love and loyalty, this time we show you a billboard of four legged angels looking for a home. Make them part of your family with love and responsibility.

Kitty cat

This beautiful kitten of a month and a half is looking for a loving home, those interested in this feline call 0412.581.44.71

Alan and Alanis

This beautiful mestizo couple are in responsible and loving adoption, they are Alan José and Alanis Valentina, a two-year-old couple, already sterilized, who are looking for a home. Those really interested call 0424.273.73.04.


Abigail Valentina is a year and a half hairy who is already sterilized, she is looking for a house where she is loved and respected. Interested call the number: 0424.273.73.04.

Adela Valentina

This golden retriever mongrel is a sweetheart, very affectionate and loving, she is already sterilized and has one year of life. Looking for a large home where you can run, interested call: 0424.273.73.04.


Tommy is a 2-year-old poodle dog, small, given to responsible people with a commitment to give him his six-fold vaccination. 0414.242.83.00 / 0414.310.86.98


She is a 5-year-old mestizo who is looking for a home where they give her affection; she is already sterilized and vaccinated. Responsible persons who wish to adopt it, contact the numbers: 0414.242.83.00

Abelardo Jose

This mongrel with captivating eyes is looking for a loving home, he is one and a half years old and is sterilized. Contact number: 0424.273.73.04.


This hairy one with particular ears, is in responsible adoption, it is a medium-sized mongrel which is delivered with a sterilization commitment. Those who wish to give you a corner in your home call: 0414.310.86.98 / 0414.242.83.00.

All these furries long for a home that gives them a second chance