They agree measures for community pets

Protectionist of animals that live in the Llano Alto sector, in the Carrizal municipality, they agreed with the Justice and Peace House of the jurisdiction the responsibilities in the care and attention of community dogs, after receiving complaints from neighbors who live in the area, on inconveniences caused by 14 protected dogs.

Juliana López, a resident of Llano Alto, pointed out that a series of problems have been created for the community by a group of protectionists who have dedicated themselves to feeding community animals on public roads.

Meanwhile, Nereida Pérez, representative of the group Unidos por los Animalitos, indicated that "they have seen us as enemies and we have been attacked by other people.

Both parties responded to the call of the House of Justice and Peace to mediate in the neighborhood conflict.

The president of FundaVivir, Jenny Ahumada, committed to the sterilization process of community dogs and vaccination, to maintain control in accordance with the provisions of the municipal ordinance.

For his part, the mayor of Carrizal, Farith Fraija, stressed that the mayor's office is not unaware of the matter. “Here we are opening the spaces as planned. What we are saying is that despite the forms, solutions are being sought and clarifying a very serious issue of pointing out the attempted murder of 16 dogs, and we must speak with evidence of this serious accusation, "he said.

He recalled that there are national bodies that deal with the matter. "The animals were not under care, they are two different things to give them food and take care of them, so the mayor's office will be in charge of vaccination and sterilization of the animals."

In addition, it was requested that the communities express their position to specify the effects of community dogs. "The lives of these animals cannot be allowed to be at risk," said Fraija.