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Twenty more schools recovered by the Bricomiles in Trujillo

The works include improvement of electrical installations, sanitary rooms, painting of sports fields, beautification, among others.

In the state of Trujillo, the Military Community Education Brigades (Bricomiles) have rehabilitated, during the current school year, 20 educational institutions in six municipalities, which favors an enrollment of close to 5 thousand students.

Among the tasks carried out in these 20 campuses is the improvement of electrical installations, sanitary rooms, painting in sports fields, beautification and general painting inside and outside, waterproofing, blacksmithing, masonry, welding, decoration; supply of access doors, accessories (handle and hinges) and a drinking water storage tank with a capacity of 3 thousand liters.

Through a report issued by the Center for the Development of Educational Quality of the state of Trujillo, it was known that among the schools rehabilitated by the Bricomiles are the Esteban Rasquin School of the La Unión parish of the Escuque municipality, the Simón Rodríguez Educational Unit in La Concepción Pampanito municipality, Francisca Arévalo Educational Unit in Rafael Rangel, the Julio Sánchez Vivas High School and the María Dolores de Araujo Educational Unit in the San Rafael de Carvajal municipality.

Also in the Trujillo municipality, the Carabobo State National School, the Juan Bautista Carrillo Guerra School, the Américo Briceño Valera School, the Salvador Valero School, the Américo Briceño Valero High School, the Cristóbal Mendoza High School and the Gustavo Domínguez Educational Unit were recovered.

In the Valera municipality, the Bricomiles approached the Consuelo Navas Tovar Initial Education Center, Caipa – Caidv Trujillo, Ciudad de Valera High School, Antonio José Pacheco High School, Antonio Nicolás Briceño High School, Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi Educational Unit, the Antonio Nicolás Briceño Educational Unit and the Doctor José Manuel Siso Martínez Educational Unit.

School delivered like new

Recently, the sole education authority, María Palomares, together with the Bricomiles, delivered the rehabilitation of the Antonio Nicolás Briceño Educational Unit, located in the Valera municipality, which serves an enrollment of 322 students and represents a great advance by the Government national and regional, in order to provide students with adequate spaces for effective and productive development.

Through a press release, the Center for the Development of Educational Quality reported that as part of the third vertex of the Victoria Bicentennial National Educational Plan, Bricomiles por mi Escuela Bella, the sanitary rooms of the campus were reconditioned, the roof was waterproofed, as well as as well as masonry, plumbing, electrical and painting work was also carried out.

In this sense, Palomares thanked the national Executive for the opportunity to have a beautiful school in optimal conditions, which aims at educational quality. He emphasized that these totally adequate spaces allow teachers to work from a pedagogical, territorial and academic perspective with their students.

Likewise, the director of the Antonio Nicolás Briceño Educational Unit, Moraima Matheus, was pleased with the organizations that contributed to the strengthening and beautification of the school. She highlighted that the change has been 100%.

María Rojo, the school's mother cook, added that the care and beautification of the school represents a great benefit for the children and expressed her deep gratitude to the entire team that supported and participated in the work.

It should be noted that the Bricomiles, hand in hand with popular power, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the community in general, continue working on the rehabilitation of school institutions to provide quality, comfortable and renewed spaces.

The children were satisfied with the rehabilitation of their school. Photo: CDCE

health goes to school

On the other hand, the Health Goes to School Plan benefited more than 5 thousand students in 46 educational institutions in the state of Trujillo, through orientation and evaluation sessions, by the Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud).

The members of the primary health network attended to children and adolescents with medical check-ups, immunizations, deworming and training sessions to reinforce disease prevention from the classrooms.

In total, 581 oral health services, 336 ophthalmology services, 176 sexual and reproductive health services, 358 routine immunizations, 304 dewormings, and 532 nutritional assessments were performed.

Likewise, the Directorate of Environmental Health carried out abatement work in three schools for the protection of 461 members, according to data provided by the state nursing coordination.

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